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Welcoming Hailey Rice as a New Member of the Connecticut Trial Firm Family

Our firm is proud to add another skilled and hardworking attorney to the team. Hailey Rice received her law degree from the University of Connecticut and has spent most of her time practicing law and counseling on legal matters in Connecticut. Hailey spent several years litigating and trying cases on behalf of consumers who were victims of corporate wrongdoing.

Immediately before joining the firm, Hailey served as a director at the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association. In this position, she helped people in the mortgage lending industry navigate through the complexities of the field. She made sure these groups had all the information they needed available to them to make sound decisions. Her focus on empowering and informing others is only one of the ways Hailey will make a difference at our firm. Additionally, Hailey worked as a chief compliance officer where she advised financial institutions about both state and federal regulations, as well as oversaw general company operations.

The role Hailey will play at our firm centers around personal injury, workers’ compensation, and product liability law. Outside of work, Hailey enjoys the outdoors, making wine, and spending time with her family and two dogs.

When we make additions to the Connecticut Trial Firm, we look for attorneys who are both highly knowledgeable about the law and strongly empathetic. We prioritize such characteristics in candidates because many individuals who seek our services are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

If you are in need of a seasoned lawyer like Hailey, please contact us for a consultation about your case. We take pride in building a team that will work tirelessly to advocate on your behalf and help you meet your objectives.

Hailey was just named a New Leader In the Law by the Connecticut Law Tribune. Read more here.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

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