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If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important to remain at the scene and contact the police. Calling 911 is the best way to get emergency services and law enforcement to the scene quickly and efficiently.

If you can safely do so, take photos, jot down notes, and obtain witness statements. When first responders arrive, seek medical treatment and tell the police what happened so they can complete an accident report and help you exchange information with the other party.

When discussing the incident, stick with the facts and avoid admitting fault since you may not yet fully understand what caused the collision. If you believe the truck driver may be to blame, consulting with a Glastonbury truck accident lawyer can protect your right to recover financial compensation.

Report the Accident

Once law enforcement arrives on the scene, providing an accurate account of what happened is essential. By talking to the police after a collision, you are creating an official accident report, which will ideally have all the information needed to find witnesses or other information for your case. 

The accident report is a valuable piece of evidence that could help the insurance companies and your attorney determine who is at fault. You can later obtain a copy of the report for your records. This step can be crucial if you suffer damages and decide to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

Another benefit of calling 911 after a truck accident is that first responders will start treating people with injuries on-site, providing triage and possible ambulance transportation as needed. This ensures that medical emergency personnel assess your injuries quickly so you can get medical care right away. 

Seek Medical Attention

Getting medical attention after a truck accident is important for any victim of the collision. The first step is to allow first responders to evaluate your medical condition, regardless of whether you are hurting or not. You may be injured and not notice it due to the adrenaline rush that typically follows an accident.

While some injuries are obvious, there are many cases where you may not notice symptoms until days after the crash. Allowing EMTs to check for any signs of injury at the scene of the accident will ensure your well-being and help link any injuries to the crash.

Getting prompt treatment for your injuries can provide strong evidence that your lawyer can use during insurance negotiations or court proceedings. Conversely, waiting too long to seek treatment will make it challenging to prove the other party caused your injuries. 

Document the Crash

Documenting the accident can also be helpful in your personal injury case. While you are waiting for emergency services, take detailed notes and as many pictures as possible to help the police or other professionals reconstruct the crash.

Please be aware of your physical condition and avoid putting yourself or others in harm’s way while gathering evidence. Approach the situation with caution and stay out of the road and away from areas that might be dangerous. Your safety and well-being come first.

If you can safely do so, take clear pictures of the scene to document evidence, such as vehicle damage and broken objects on the ground. If there are any discarded items around, avoid touching them so they remain intact for investigative purposes. Record witness statements with your phone, or at least get the witnesses’ names and contact information.

Be Careful What You Say

Being involved in a truck accident can be traumatic, and you may be tempted to vent or voice your opinions to the police or witnesses. However, it is important to avoid saying something that could be used against you later. Engaging in discussions about fault could undermine your ability to recover financial compensation.

When an officer arrives, simply provide your name, license, registration, and insurance information. Answer their questions truthfully, but do not admit guilt or speculate about the accident’s cause. These kinds of statements could weaken your case down the road. What you say publicly or post online can also affect your claim, so be careful about that. 

Wait until you consult with an attorney before signing any statements or talking to insurance companies. The other party’s insurance company is not on your side and could use something you say to weaken your case. A truck accident attorney can further advise you on preserving your rights. 

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident due to someone else’s negligence, an attorney from the Connecticut Trial Firm can help you seek justice and financial compensation. Our truck accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to negotiate with the insurance company and fight for you in court if necessary.

Our team understands the laws and regulations governing trucking accidents and can help you get justice. We are here to protect you from exploitation by insurance companies or liable parties attempting to reduce your payout. We charge nothing upfront and only get paid when we get you a settlement or court award.

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