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Filing a claim for compensation after a truck wreck can be a long and complex process without a skilled attorney. If you have sustained injuries in a collision with a commercial vehicle, contact a lawyer for help understanding Manchester truck accident claims. A legal representative could guide you through this process and work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Common Causes and Injuries

Most commonly, truck wrecks can occur when drivers become distracted. For instance, delivery truck drivers can easily become distracted when they are thinking about their schedule, next route, or the next stop. Trucks can also cause devastating accidents if a trucking company does not schedule routine maintenance checks.

Each particular cause may have a different impact on a case. For instance, if the court finds that the driver was fatigued or distracted at the time of the accident, they may charge the defendant with reckless driving. Additionally, if the court discovers that a trucking company pressures its employees to make reckless decisions or break regulations while driving, the employer may be held liable as well. For example, if a trucking company uses a vehicle that is not in good condition or employs an unqualified driver, this organization is putting profits over the safety of others and therefore could be held responsible for their negligent actions.

Injuries in truck accidents can be severe and sometimes deadly. Broken bones, crush injuries, torn rotator cuffs, and AC joints are commonly found in these wrecks. Soft-tissue injuries, whiplash, and serious brain damage may also occur due to the great force from the truck involved.

Establishing Liability

Determining the liable party is an important step to understanding a truck accident claim in Manchester. This process typically begins with an investigation. In car wreck cases, the liable party is typically the driver or the owner of the vehicle.

In truck accident cases, however, determining who is at fault may be more difficult because there can be multiple liable parties. Additionally, if the court finds that the plaintiff is partially to blame for their injuries, this could impact their claim and liability as well.

Manchester is a modified contributory negligence jurisdiction, which means that if a plaintiff is 51 percent or more at fault for their accident, they may not be able to recover any compensation. If a court finds that the injured claimant’s percent of fault is lower than this bar, they may recover compensation. However, the court may reduce their award by the percentage of fault they did play in their accident.

Factors that can help establish liability may include physical evidence such as skid marks on the pavement, on-board dashcams, and any onboard black box on either vehicle. Depending on their credibility, a judge may also consider witness statements when trying to determine who is at fault.

What to Know About Truck Accident Cases

Truck accident cases can be complicated in ways that car wrecks are not. Especially when it comes to determining who is responsible, who owns the vehicle, who is leasing the truck, are any federal filings that could offer protection, and what insurance policies are available.

Along with the injuries being more severe, in a trucking case there may be a greater need to understand complicated medicine, surgeries, and retain experts who can document future loss to ensure that an injured claimant can pursue fair compensation. It is important to contact an attorney early on in a truck wreck case because there is a greater likelihood that a lawyer may be able to maximize a claimant’s award the sooner they reach out.

Finding the Right Attorney

A potential claimant should work with a legal representative who conducts no-charge consultations and reviews cases with a contingency fee. This means that a plaintiff may not have to pay legal fees unless they recover compensation. Under these circumstances, there is less harm in reaching out and having questions answered early on because there is no out-of-pocket cost.

To find the right legal representation, a potential plaintiff should look at a firm’s website and review client testimonials, the experience at the firm, and the results of their attorneys. They could also talk to the friends and family around them and meet with the attorney before making this important decision.

Contact an Attorney for Help Understanding Truck Accident Claims in Manchester

One of the most important reasons to contact an attorney is to relieve some of the burdens you may feel after your accident. If you have been hurt in a truck wreck, you should focus your recovery, not the legal process or aggressive insurance companies. A lawyer could protect you by handling your case and dealing with the insurance companies.

Legal counsel could also answer any questions you may have and begin the investigation process immediately after your accident. If you need help understanding Manchester truck accident claims, reach out today.


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