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In Glastonbury, a person is eligible to take driver’s education, obtain a learner’s permit, and start driving at age 16. There are no exceptions that might enable a person to begin driving at an earlier age. As defined by Glastonbury law, a novice driver could be a driver of any age. While novice drivers tend to be minors, they could also be older in age. Novice drivers do not need any prior experience with operating a vehicle. However, teen drivers are usually less experienced than other drivers, which means they are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Speak to a Glastonbury teen driving accident lawyer if your child was involved in a vehicle wreck. A skilled car collision attorney could build a claim and explain your rights.

Fact Patterns Associated with Teen Driving Wrecks in Glastonbury

The common causes of teen driving accidents include driving at night, loud music playing in the vehicle, cellphone usage, and passengers or other distractions in the car. While these accidents could happen anywhere, most crashes take place near the driver’s house and the roads that they travel most frequently. Various types of wrecks occur in parking lots where people are backing up or crossing the crosswalks. They are also common on commercial streets where there are numerous options to make turns, ingresses, and egresses from driveways and pedestrians on Main Street. They are also common on Hebron Avenue and Glastonbury Boulevard.

Why are Teens More Likely to Be Involved in a Car Crash?

Teenagers are more likely to be involved in a wreck than any other demographic. This is because minors do not have fully developed brains and they lack the experience that older drivers have. Teenagers may not know how cars behave in certain conditions or how traffic flows. A young driver could easily be overwhelmed with potentially basic tasks of operating a motor vehicle that may be automatic for individuals with more experience. Given the unique factors involving vehicle crashes involving teenagers, families are recommended to consult a Glastonbury attorney with experience handling such cases.

How Parents Could Help Teens Avoid Automobile Crashes

Parents could also be careful of where their teens drive and limiting the amount of driving that they do. Adults should ensure that their children are on familiar roads and aware of weather conditions. Parents should be aware that night driving may notably be hazardous for young drivers. A parent could install an app that monitors teen driving safety by keeping track of location, speed, and other factors.

Training and caution could be the biggest keys to helping teens understand how quickly car accidents happen. It may take a split second for anyone to take their eyes off the road and for their life to change forever. If a crash occurs, parents are recommended to tell their teens not to leave the scene. Teens should also call the authorities immediately, seek medical attention if necessary, contact their insurance company, and get in touch with a teen driving attorney in Glastonbury as soon as possible.

What Families Should Look For in a Glastonbury Teen Driving Accident Attorney

If a teen has been involved or injured in a car accident, families are advised to look for a lawyer who has experience representing teenagers and understands how the injuries impact their schooling. Families may also need an attorney who understands the long-term medical consequences of a vehicle wreck. The teens may develop early onset arthritis or other health issues. Families could search for a Glastonbury teen driving accident lawyer who specializes in this area to ensure that the damages are fully accounted for. Reach out to our office today to learn more about your legal options after a teen driving wreck.


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