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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC names Allison Mckeen as Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC is excited to announce that attorney Allison McKeen has been named a partner and Chief Operating Officer of the firm. 

Allison has quietly worked behind the scenes since the founding of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC running many of the key operational aspects of the business, including human resources, marketing, finance, and office administration. 

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC is quickly growing and in order to provide the best legal services while at the same time successfully expand as a business, Allison’s role needed to expand, as well. Her expertise in clear, caring, and considerate communication with both staff and clients has led to an honest and transparent client-focused approach to the firm. 

Attorney Andrew Garza, co-owner of the firm, thinks that “Allison is extremely knowledgeable and an amazing human being. She is incredibly capable and empathetic in her approach as a leader to our team and our clients. We would not be where we are as a firm without her at the helm. She has kept this firm running smoothly since the beginning, and more than deserving of this recognition.”

Allison was born and raised in Enfield, Connecticut and loves serving the local community she grew up in. Allison’s grandfather owned and operated Southwood Pharmacy in Enfield for over 50 years. Growing up within a small family business taught Allison the skills needed to effectively run a successful client-focused business. Integrity, empathy, open communication and putting the client first are all skills Allison has mastered, and will carry forward into her new role.

Allison is also an industry award-winning author who has published with major houses, including one of the so-called Big 5. Her novels have been translated and sold on five continents. 

She is very excited to continue her work leading Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC as they grow and fight for justice for their clients who have been wrongfully injured.    


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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

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