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Hailey Rice

Hailey Rice
Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC
Glastonbury Personal Injury Lawyer
(Main Office)

437 Naubuc Ave,
Suite #107

Glastonbury CT 06033

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Our clients often find themselves in a struggle against powerful insurance companies that don’t want to part with their money. They need an attorney who understands how business interests drive the recovery process after an accident, but who has a passion for helping individuals find justice when they have been wronged. We think Hailey has well-rounded experience that makes her a tremendous asset to our clients.

Prior to joining Connecticut Trial Firm in 2019, Hailey worked as a plaintiff’s consumer protection attorney, spending each day representing individuals against powerful corporations. Hailey has also worked in-house for corporations, so she knows first-hand how they make their decisions. We think this makes her an especially insightful advocate. Hailey is energetic and driven to make a positive impact in her clients’ lives. And Hailey’s not afraid of hurdles—after all, she was a pole vaulter in high school and college.

If Hailey isn’t working, you may find her practicing her wine-making skills or enjoying the outdoors. She also loves spending time with her family: a husband, two young children, two shiba inus and a cat.

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