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Crossing busy roads can be dangerous but, fortunately, many jurisdictions have implemented designated crosswalks to help pedestrians. The purpose of these zones is to warn drivers that somebody might be crossing the road, and it gives pedestrians an area where can comfortably make their move. Sadly, accidents crosswalk accidents still occur in Manchester, sometimes causing severe injuries. If this has happened to you, it may be wise to speak with a compassionate pedestrian accident attorney about how you could recover your losses from the accident.

How Are Crosswalks Regulated in Manchester?

Crosswalks are put in place by the town of Manchester and are regulated by Manchester and the state of Connecticut. At various points, pedestrians using crosswalks are either given the absolute right of way – which means that they are standing on the curb, about to enter the road, and oncoming traffic should stop – or the intersection has a stoplight, which also includes a pedestrian light. Pedestrians can press a button to indicate they plan on crossing, and wait until traffic stops so they can cross.

There are a number of crosswalks in Manchester, especially in the Buckland Hills Mall area, Center Street, Main Street, and near some neighborhoods. Yet despite the clear warnings, crosswalk accidents are still common in the local area.

Aggressive Driver Behaviors at Crosswalks

Anytime a driver approaches a crosswalk, one or more signs or road markings will be present to put them on notice that there could be a person crossing. If a driver sees a crosswalk, they should slow down and look for individuals nearby so as to avoid a car crash.

Sometimes drivers make a right-turn on red and do not look to see if anyone is at the crosswalk because they are looking for cars on their left. They might also fail to notice walkers because they are distracted due to using their phone or not looking at the road in front of them.

Pedestrian Behaviors at Crosswalks

Pedestrians should always be paying attention to their surroundings, as there are a lot of drivers on the road who are not paying attention. People should always look both ways before using a crosswalk, even if there are red rights indicating for drivers to stop.

It may be helpful to look at the wheels of the car to see if they are moving, or to look directly at the driver to confirm that the driver sees a person is crossing in front of them. Pedestrians have a role to play in preventing crosswalk accidents in Manchester.

How Does the Presence of Crosswalks Impact Liability?

A crosswalk is one factor that can impact liability, but it is not the only one. A person could step in front of a car and cause an accident, but they still might not be deemed responsible, even if it was not in a designated crossing zone. Crosswalks can be used to prove that the driver knew, or should have known, that pedestrians might be present. If a pedestrian had the absolute right of way to be in the road at that time, then the accident should be deemed the complete fault of the driver.

Even if a pedestrian is near a crosswalk at a time when they do not have the right of way, it should impute knowledge onto the driver that they must drive through the area carefully.

Learn About Crosswalk Accidents in Manchester from an Attorney

While it may seem that the presence of crosswalks should eliminate the danger of crossing roads, not everyone pays attention to them. Crosswalk accidents still occur in Manchester and an especially serious one could leave someone with catastrophic injuries. To learn more about your legal options, contact a skilled attorney immediately.


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