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When walking or jogging near a road, there usually comes a time when you need to cross the street. Even if you are paying full attention and following the rules, some drivers might not be. This could lead to a crash involving numerous broken bones. Unfortunately, broken bones are common in Manchester pedestrian accidents. If this has happened to you, a dedicated pedestrian accident attorney could make sure you get the care that you need in order to put your life back together.

How Broken Bones Happen in Pedestrian Crashes

Broken bones occur as a result of a pedestrian accident in Manchester in one of three ways: from the impact itself; from getting thrown into the air and crashing to the ground; and by getting run over by the vehicle, sometimes referred to as crush injuries. Broken bones frequently occur in pedestrian accidents because it does not take much force to cause a break. The faster a car is traveling, the more severe the damage will be, and pedestrians have no protection against an oncoming car.

Types of Bone Breaks

Some bone breaks are fractures for which doctors may not perform any sort of intervention. It might be enough for the person to keep it rested and take a light pain medication. A hairline fracture, likewise, might heal on its own, with reasonable adjustments made by the person.

On the other hand, a person might suffer a complete break. Those kinds of injuries can require surgery to reset and repair, including the use of hardware. Sometimes the hardware must be removed, which can require a second surgery.

Crush injuries can occur when a part of the bone gets crushed, such as when it is run over by a vehicle. This can be complicated for the surgeons to put back together and may result in amputations if the damage is too severe.

What Are Some Costs Associated with Broken Bones?

Other significant costs associated with broken bones in Manchester pedestrian collisions often include an ambulance ride, emergency room procedures, imaging, x-rays, CT-scans, or MRIs. From there, they might have to receive surgery, anesthesia, and rehabilitation. All of this adds up to an expensive medical bill, which could be paid for through a damages or settlement award.

If someone is in constant pain from broken bones, it can impact their sleeping behavior, throwing their whole internal system off. The pain can also take a psychological toll, which could include depression. There are instances where the patient is prescribed medication such as opioids or oxycodone to handle the pain, but they become addicted, even after the healing is complete. It is important to consult with a doctor before taking any pain-reducing drugs.

What Are Some Further Implications of Broken Bones?

Broken bones usually require surgical repair, such as installing plates, rods, and screws to help them heal. Even a minor break can lead to the early onset of arthritis. They might be unable to work due to their condition, especially if the job involves physical exertion. If this accident occurred to an employee while in the course of their official duties, they might be able to apply for workers’ compensation benefits due to their disability.

Those who suffer from broken bones might be unable to walk and, in severe cases, might have to have a limb amputated. There could be scarring, arthritis, or disfigurement which might limit their mobility.

Get Advice from an Attorney About Broken Bones in Manchester Pedestrian Accidents

The impact of broken bones in a Manchester pedestrian accident can go beyond the initial pain. They are expensive to treat, could lead to physical or mental side-effects, and can dislodge your ability to earn an income. Talk to a lawyer today to learn how these injuries can impact your life and how you could acquire financial relief.


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