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Fatal motor vehicle accidents are unfortunately a common danger in Manchester. They can occur anywhere, from quiet neighborhoods to Interstate 84, but the financial and emotional fallout is often too much to bear. If someone you know was killed in a motor vehicle crash, an experienced car accident attorney in Manchester could help you seek financial relief.

What Constitutes A Wrongful Death?

A vehicle accident in Manchester may become a wrongful death case if an individual caused the accident and someone died as a result. Wrongdoing, negligence, or recklessness must be involved in order for an accident to evolve into a wrongful death.

The common causes of fatal car accidents include drivers going the wrong way down the highway, following others too closely, cutting other drivers off during unsafe lane changes (which can result in roll-overs), as well as truck and motorcycle accidents, given the vulnerability of individuals on motorcycles and the size and weight of trucks.

Can a Claim be Pursued if a Person Passes Away from Their Injuries Later?

A wrongful death claim could be pursued even if a person succumbs to their accident-related injuries days, weeks, or even months later. The injured individual may be in a coma or on a ventilator for some time, or they may suffer subsequent injuries that result in death weeks or months later. Provided that a doctor or other expert can determine that the death is medically related to the accident, a wrongful death claim can be initiated long after the accident itself.

An administrator or executor of the state will be appointed following the death, and they can then engage a nearby lawyer to initiate the case on behalf of the deceased individual’s estate.

Consequences of Illegal Driving Behavior

If the at-fault driver was intoxicated,  speeding, or otherwise behaving illegally when they caused a fatal accident, they could face both criminal and civil sanctions, such as being charged with vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to jail.

If somebody is deemed to have been driving recklessly, the amount of the damage award could be doubled or tripled.

How are Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Different When They Involve Motorcycles?

Negligence plays a different role in motorcycle accidents than with other types of automobile accident because of a rider’s vulnerability on a motorcycle. The type of collision between two cars that results in a fender bender might involve a fatality if the same collision occurs between a car and a motorcycle. Understanding the particulars of motorcycle accidents and the lack of security present in motorcycles can have a substantial impact when evaluating a fatal accident case.

In wrongful death cases stemming from motorcycle accidents, the plaintiff tends to be the individual on the motorcycle. Motorcyclists often experience the most significant injuries when involved in collisions with cars.

Before declaring that a motorcycle is safe to ride, manufacturers are required to follow all motorcycle safety guidelines to ensure it is in good working order and that all of its systems, lights, engine, and transmission are working. Furthermore, riders under 18 must wear a helmet.

Fatal Accidents from Corporate-Owned Trucks

Trucking cases can have different liability. The driver, the company, the trailer, and the broker may all be investigated in the event of a fatal accident, but none of those parties will likely factor into a wrongful death car accident.

If a truck driver is being represented against the trucking company, it may be a workers’ compensation claim. If someone unaffiliated with the trucking company is being represented against the truck driver or trucking company, the claim would be subject to Manchester wrongful death laws.

The Role of Insurance Companies

The role of an insurance company is typically more complicated in fatal truck accident cases than in car accident cases, and insurance companies often have trucking accident reservations of rights and disclaimers of insurance. There is no damage cap by law for a truck accident fatality in Manchester; however, the parties may be limited by the amount of available insurance.

Schedule a Consultation Today To Learn About Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in Manchester

No matter the type of transportation, fatal motor vehicle accidents in Manchester can upend lives and cause major financial complications. A local attorney who works in wrongful death accidents could utilize their knowledge and experience to help recoup losses as a result of your loved one’s death. Call today to discuss your options.


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