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Glastonbury sexual abuse trials start with a trial management conference. At the trial management conference, the court date will be set for jury selection and the beginning of evidence. Then jury selection will begin in a case. After jury selection, the trial will begin. The judge swears in the jury, opening statements are given, the evidence is presented, witnesses testify, documents are entered, and pictures are shown. At the end of the trial, there will be closing arguments made by both lawyers, followed by a jury charge, and the jury will go back in delivery and render a verdict.

If you or a loved one were a victim of sexual abuse, reach out to an experienced and compassionate sexual abuse lawyer. A dedicated attorney could fight for you at trial and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

How Long Do Sexual Abuse Trials Take?

In Glastonbury, sexual abuse trials could take anywhere from a day or two to weeks. For example, if the person in a position of authority has molested a number of children, they could have a trial that could go on for over a month as everyone tries to prove their case and explain to the jury what has happened.

Sexual Abuse Trials Involving Multiple Plaintiffs or Defendants

Glastonbury sexual abuse trials change if there are multiple plaintiffs or multiple defendants. If there are numerous plaintiffs, then it is going to build credibility for every single plaintiff as it is not just a case involving one person’s word against another. Instead, it is a group of people telling a similar story about a person. The defense of these cases is often not just the individual who did it, but sometimes that could be the case. The defendant is usually backed by some organization, business, or church that has turned a blind eye. That could complicate the situation and change it from “he said/she said” to a case in which there are systemic failures or abuses by many people.

Jury Trials vs. Bench Trials

Sexual abuse trials could be either jury trials or bench trials. The plaintiff has a right to a jury trial. It could also be a bench trial with the party settling insurance claims. What happens in the jury selection process is each attorney has the ability to question a prospective juror about their biases and seek answers. Connecticut is only the state in the country that has individual jury selection. Each attorney has what is known as four strikes on the juror, meaning they could say that they do not want this person to their jury for whatever reason. Sometimes there are for-cause strikes in which a person is just unfit. They are unwilling to follow the law because of some deeply held beliefs or biases. Those people can be discarded. After the selection, there will be six jurors that get seated. A seasoned lawyer could help explain the benefits and cons of jury and bench trials.

Benefits of a Glastonbury Lawyer During a Sexual Abuse Trial

A skilled lawyer is going to do what they can to protect the plaintiff. Fundamentally, every defense in every personal injury case to the insurance companies presented involved calling the person who has been the victim a liar. However, an attorney could refute these claims and help advocate for you. Call a lawyer today who is well-versed with Glastonbury sexual abuse trials.


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