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Both motorists and pedestrians can take steps to avoid a catastrophic accident. One of the main ways a pedestrian can avoid getting hit by a car is to be aware of their surroundings and, especially if they are out at night, to wear reflective clothing. Pedestrians should also make sure that they are walking where there is a walk signal or crosswalk, and then check to ensure that the traffic has stopped.

Keeping a lookout is an excellent way to minimize the chances of getting struck by a vehicle. However, despite some pedestrians taking these steps, a pedestrian accident may still occur. An experienced attorney could help you file a claim if you were struck by a vehicle as well as discuss safety and preventative measures in Glastonbury pedestrian accidents.

How Drivers Can Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

The main safety and preventative measure that a driver can take to avoid a Glastonbury pedestrian accident are to be on the lookout for people, pay attention while behind the wheel, and travel at safe speeds. Drivers should take these precautions, especially in areas known to have a lot of pedestrians, such as school zones, parking lots, crosswalks, and bus stops.

Additionally, motorists should avoid using their cellphones and playing with the radio. Drivers need to pay extra attention when driving at night because it may be more difficult to spot pedestrians due to decreased visibility.

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents at Night

The safety guidelines for preventing Glastonbury pedestrian accidents include motorists taking precautions to watch for pedestrians at times during their trip. This is especially true during the winter months because it gets darker earlier, and people may be walking home from work during this time.

Safety Measures to Take After an Accident

One of the first safety measures a pedestrian hit by a car should take after a Glastonbury accident is to move off of the road to avoid getting hit again. Then, they should call 911 if they can or make noise if to attract attention and get assistance.

In the event of an accident, pedestrians should carry identification with them. Additionally, if someone has any health conditions, they should wear a medical bracelet or have this information on their phone, so medical professionals can be aware of their condition while treating them. For example, if someone is diabetic, they may react differently to trauma than somebody who is not, and this could lead the paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to treat the injured victim improperly. Pedestrians also should carry their health insurance card if they have one.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Safety and Preventative Measures for Pedestrian Accidents in Glastonbury

If you were hit by a car, you might have a valid claim to seek monetary compensation for your losses. However, it may be difficult to navigate the complex legal system without a trained representative. As a result, call today to speak with a seasoned attorney and to learn about the safety and preventative measures in Glastonbury pedestrian accidents.


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