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Mediation in Glastonbury pedestrian accident cases is important because it is one way to bring a case to resolution. When both sides sit down, engage, and talk with a third party, a mediator attempts to facilitate a resolution.

If done at the appropriate time with the right people, mediation can result in the settlement of a claim. An attorney could assist you during the mediation process and work to ensure that you receive a fair settlement from the negligent party if you were struck by a motor vehicle.

Who is the Mediator in Pedestrian Accident Negotiations?

The plaintiff, the defendant, and their lawyers draw up an agreement to decide the mediator. It could be a retired judge or a respected lawyer with a history of handling such claims who sits down with both parties to talk about the claim. The only qualifications for a mediator are that the parties must both agree to the person, but they generally are well-respected people who have experience mediating, and whose opinion people value.

Costs of Mediation

The cost of mediation depends on the complexity of the case and the mediator. For half a day, the cost may be almost nothing to several hundred dollars. In other situations, the costs could be over $1,000, $1,500 to $2,000 for a full day.


One of the most beneficial results that can happen during mediation for a Glastonbury pedestrian accident claim is a resolution. During mediation, both sides may come to understand the situation a little better, and sometimes the discussions result in resolution quickly.

Therefore, in addition to providing an opportunity to settle a case, one party could learn more about the other side’s position. One side could discover what the opposing party’s theories are, how they see it, and why they believe happened. All of this information can be valuable even if there is no resolution.

Mediation and Insurance Companies

How an insurance provider approaches mediation depends on the company. A law firm may have an initial meeting to determine the mediation criteria. This allows a firm to ensure that the other side is serious because some insurance companies may agree to mediation because they discover that they may be able to get away with paying a smaller portion of the claimant’s damages.

Unfortunately, some insurance providers may try to use mediation to test the injured plaintiff and wear them down. Because of this, it is important to understand the role of mediation and how it may impact pedestrian accident cases in Glastonbury.

Preparing for Medication

The important steps in preparing for mediation include laying some ground rules for the insurance company so it does not get out of control, having the claimant understand the process, and ensuring their case is presented in a way that makes a point of what is going on and maximizes its value.

An attorney often may undergo special training on how to mediate cases because some insurance companies use it as a way to intimidate the claimant or discover information from them. The plaintiff should have an attorney who understands what the insurance company is trying to do and how to fight back.

Injury attorneys approach mediation by having strong systems. Mediation is not about sitting there and splitting the difference. Instead, it is about power and control and fighting for an optimal outcome. Mediation is every bit as involved as a trial in terms of preparation and strategy.

Contact a Glastonbury Attorney to Learn More Mediation in Pedestrian Accident Claims

Medication in Glastonbury pedestrian accident cases can be a helpful method for resolving a claim in a less stressful and more efficient manner. However, the mediation process is difficult to undergo without an experienced attorney. For help during the medication of your case, call today.


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