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Certain situations make up a disproportionate number of pedestrian accidents in the Glastonbury area. Many collisions occur on Hebron Avenue inside and outside of crosswalks. The Somerset Square shopping area is also the scene of many pedestrian accidents, as it is a congested area with significant pedestrian activity and confusing traffic pattern.

An experienced local attorney may be aware of common pedestrian accident scenarios in Glastonbury and understand the best way to prove negligence on the part of the responsible driver. Reach out to a dedicated pedestrian accident lawyer today.

Who is Especially At-Risk of a Pedestrian Accident?

Anyone walking through a parking lot, using a crosswalk, or even standing on the sidewalk could be injured in a pedestrian accident. Still, certain groups of people are particularly at risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident or experiencing additional medical complications as the result of a collision.


Children are frequently involved in pedestrian accidents because they tend to not keep as much of a lookout for traffic as an adult. When a child is engrossed activities such as chasing a ball or is otherwise distracted, it can be easy for them to wind up in the street without being aware of where they are. Also, children crossing parking lots or playing in areas where cars are coming in and out may be difficult to see, particularly for drivers of SUVs or minivans.


Teenagers do not have fully developed bodies, and when they are involved in a pedestrian accident their injuries sometimes have lasting effects on their growth and development. When someone is still physically developing and is involved in a pedestrian accident with severe bodily injury, they might be susceptible to long-term claims and damages in a personal injury claim.


Glastonbury has several senior centers and homes for the elderly population. There are higher rates of senior citizens who are hearing or sight impaired that may contribute to a pedestrian accident. When an individual is hearing or sight impaired, it may be more difficult for them to safely navigate crossing a street or parking lot.


Several hotels in Glastonbury are near some of the more developed pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic areas. When tourists or other visitors are not familiar with where the crosswalk locations are, they can be more susceptible to a collision.

Aggressive Driving Near Crosswalks and Intersections

An especially dangerous, common scenario of pedestrian accidents in Glastonbury is aggressive driving. Motorists who are angry, frustrated, or fatigued may drive more aggressively, putting pedestrians at risk.

When an individual is walking with a group more than ten people, for example, and they take their time to cross the intersection or are indecisive, drivers could become frustrated and attempt to drive quickly through the intersection without waiting for everyone to safely cross.

Bad Weather in Glastonbury

Glastonbury receives a significant amount of snow in the winter causing slippery conditions on sidewalks and heavy rains. Heavy snow affects driver visibility and could make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. Also, icy road conditions might make it challenging for a driver to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk or in the middle of the roadway, resulting in a collision.

Understanding Common Causes of Pedestrian Injuries in Glastonbury

It is critical that both drivers and pedestrians have a working knowledge of common pedestrian accident scenarios in Glastonbury so that they can avoid putting themselves or others in danger. Keeping a careful eye out for small children, staying off the roads during bad weather, and remaining awake and alert behind the wheel could save someone’s life.

If a pedestrian accident does cause injury to you or a loved one, consider reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney could help hold a negligent driver accountable and work to recover your due compensation.


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