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Out-of-state visitors should know that the traffic laws are common sense and that motorcyclists are treated like other motor vehicles. When someone sees a motorcyclist, they should wait before making that left-hand turn in front of them. There are many motorcyclists in Glastonbury and Eastern Connecticut, especially in the spring as people are heading down to the beach, casino, or the countryside. People should be aware that lawyers in Connecticut will hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions if they choose to violate road safety rules and harm or endanger motorcyclists.

Out-of-state motorcyclists should be aware of the laws of in the state as ignorance of the law is not a defense for violating the law. Also, if an out-of-state motorcyclist is injured in a wreck, they should reach to a local lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws and has experience recovering damages. A Glastonbury out-of-state motorcycle ccident lawyer could fight for your right to compensation if you were injured in a collision. A lawyer could also help if you were in a wreck caused by an out-of-state motorcyclist. Reach out to an accomplished motorcycle accident attorney today.

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle in Glastonbury

Some of the dangers of motorcycle riding in Glastonbury are the windy roads. In Glastonbury, there are beautiful farmland and orchards that have sharp turns and people should be very aware of them. There are also congested partial districts were people tend to go fast and it can be dangerous. People need to be paying attention when they are operating a vehicle with the understanding that motorcyclists will be on the road.

Out-of-state motorcycle riders should drive defensively and be extra aware of their surroundings. To ensure their safety, motorcyclists should be aware of their surroundings, alert others, and drive within the road safety rules.

How is a Case Impacted if One Party is From Out of State?

If a rider is out of state and is involved in a motorcycle accident with a passenger, there are only two minor technical differences than a typical claim involving two in-state parties. One is the out-of-state driver service or process made upon the Connecticut Secretary of State. They do not have to go get a marshal to serve someone. The person can be served in state, which is a useful thing to someone who has been injured by an out-of-state driver. The second difference is that in terms of a venue for a case, if a driver is out of state, Connecticut can choose the venue of where either the person who was riding the motorcycle lives or where the accident happened. An out-of-state motorcycle accident lawyer in Glastonbury will be well-versed in these nuances and how to get the compensation an injured victim deserves.

Underinsured and Uninsured Insurance Motorist Coverage

Connecticut does not have no-fault laws but nearby states such as New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. Therefore, those laws may apply to what coverage is available. It may apply for some rights to the reimbursement but it is not going to bar their claim against the third party in the state of Connecticut the way it would in other places such as New York or New Jersey.

The most prominent protection for a motorist or motorcyclist traveling out of state is in their personal automobile insurance coverage including their Med Pay, their underinsured motorist or uninsured motorist insurance, and any conversion coverage that is going to go with them across state lines. Out-of-state laws apply primarily with underinsured motorist coverage but with almost any accident that occurs in the State of Connecticut, Connecticut laws are going to apply as well.

Call a Glastonbury out-of-state motorcycle accident lawyer for more information about underinsured/uninsured coverage and how to recover compensation.


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