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Someone who is injured due to an auto collision should consider learning about filing car accident claims in Glastonbury. It is common for many accidents to result in severe injuries that may require extensive medical attention. A dedicated car accident lawyer could examine the factors surrounding a person’s crash and work to establish another individual’s negligence. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin reviewing your legal options.

First Steps in the Filing Process

One of the first steps of filing car accident claims in Glastonbury may include seeking legal counsel. An attorney could listen to an injured person’s account of what happened in the accident and potentially work to secure evidence that may help substantiate their claims. Another part of filing a claim may include identifying how another part violated a law or demonstrated negligence which directly caused a plaintiff’s injury. After reviewing all the important information, a lawyer could draft a summons that identifies the presiding court and the parties involved in the lawsuit. The complaint is generally then served to the defendant and filed in court.

How Involved is the Plaintiff in the Process?

The injured individual is usually kept informed throughout the claim filing process. An injured individual generally provides an attorney with the contact information for the medical care providers so they can request the appropriate records. It is important for an injured person to fully inform their lawyer about the scope of their injuries in order to obtain appropriate and accurate medical options which may help support their claims. Additionally, if an injured person has photos of their injuries, it may be an effective way of demonstrating how another’s callous disregard for their safety negatively impacted their health.

Using Evidence to Substantiate an Accusation

Evidence, including photographs and videos, are often useful in demonstrating how an accident happened. For example, they might show the point of impact and the severity of the crash. A skilled car accident lawyer could potentially obtain photographs or video captured by traffic cameras, seek an independent doctor’s medical opinion and possibly consult an economist to help determine an injured individual’s future medical costs.

What Are the Key Elements of a Car Accident Claim?

There are several elements that generally comprise a car accident claim. To be viable in Glastonbury court, the car accident claim typically must include the:

  • Names of the parties
  • Location and details about the accident
  • Factual and legal basis for the claim
  • Type of relief being requested

In addition to assessing these elements, an injured individual should be aware that simply filing an action in court does not mean they must continue suing an accused party. A plaintiff can typically discontinue a lawsuit at any time. Furthermore, when a person files a claim, it does not generally forfeit their right to negotiate outside of court. It is possible for negotiations to occur throughout the court process and may even happen after a trial depending on whether someone appeals the court’s initial decision.

Discuss Filing an Auto Collision Claim in Glastonbury

It may be highly beneficial for an injured individual to retain adept legal counsel when filing car accident claims in Glastonbury. The process for filing a claim can be complex and frustrating. A lawyer could help ensure that proper steps are taken to make the filing process more efficient. Additionally, an attorney could help advocate on behalf of an injured individual and work to protect their rights in court. Call now and arrange for an appointment to start exploring your potential legal options.


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