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Expert witnesses in Glastonbury car accidents cases can play a crucial role in the verdict. An individual becomes an expert witness by being knowledgeable in their area of expertise. For example, a shoulder injury requires the expertise of a shoulder surgeon who went to medical school, is board certified, and has performed shoulder surgeries. By way of their education, training, and experience, a person may be considered an expert in a case. To learn more about the significance of expert witnesses, contact a dedicated car accident attorney.

What Are Some Expert Witnesses in Car Wreck Cases?

One of the most widely used expert witnesses in Glastonbury car accident cases are doctors. A doctor could testify to the injured individual’s future cost of medical care or how the accident caused a specific injury. Often, experts are treating doctors. For example, a knee surgeon might testify that they examined the person and reviewed their medical records and give an expert opinion as to how the wreck caused the knee injury and what future medical treatments the injured person may need.

An expert could also be an accident reconstructionist who can describe how the accident happened. Sometimes, a mechanical expert is brought in to testify about a defective product that played a role in the accident, such as defective tires.

Expert Witness Testimony

An attorney may suggest using an expert witness at trial when there is a need to provide expert testimony in an area of proof because it is beyond the knowledge of the average person. Depending on the area of expertise needed, an expert witness may be brought in to discuss future medical care, whether or not an injury is permanent, or how an accident happened. The role of an expert witness in a Glastonbury auto collision case is to explain complex scientific or medical issues, not to influence a jury or judge.

How Do Juries View Experts?

Expert witness testimonies are given as much weight as the jury decides they should be given. The jury weighs the credibility of the expert. It is likely that the jury will hear from conflicting experts and they can decide which one to believe. The jury may judge expert witness testimony based on the quality of the expert, their experience, and their familiarity with the subject matter, so it is critical to have the right experts who can explain complicated issues. An experienced attorney could help a claimant choose the ideal expert witnesses for their case.

Pros and Cons of Expert Witnesses

Sometimes the only way evidence can be introduced about the cost of future medical care, or the permanence of an injury is through the opinion of a doctor. When there is a possibility of future medical treatment, a doctor can testify as to the extent of possible treatment and the associated costs.

Sometimes, a lawyer may not want to use an expert witness because they do not want to over-complicate their case to a jury. Every single time an expert witness is called, there is a risk. When a lawyer presents a case, they want to present as clean of a case as possible. Also, expert witnesses in Glastonbury car accident cases can be quite expensive.

Call to Learn More About Glastonbury Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

Expert witnesses may or may not be necessary. When they are needed, an experienced attorney retains the services of an expert who has a grasp of the subject matter and the facts, is qualified to testify, and testifies effectively. Contact a lawyer today for more information about expert witnesses in Glastonbury car accident cases.


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