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Glastonbury bicycle accident injuries vary depending on the severity and cause of the accident. Experienced attorneys typically see scarring and scraping, broken arms and legs, injured collar bones, head injuries, and broken jaws and teeth in bike accident cases. Unfortunately, in the more serious incidents, paralysis and fatality may also occur. If you or a loved one experienced any of these injuries after a bike crash, an experienced bicycle accident attorney could review your case and determine if you have a valid legal claim to seek compensation.

Why Do Many Bike Riders Suffer Severe Injuries in an Accident?

Injuries from bicycle accidents in Glastonbury may be more severe than other motor vehicle collisions because bicyclists do not have as much protection to absorb the impact from a motor vehicle. Therefore, their bodies take on most of the force in an accident. Also, bike riders may be more vulnerable to receive scarring and scraping if they come into contact with the road. As a result of these severe injuries, injured cyclists may need much faster emergency treatment.

Head Trauma in Cyclist Accidents

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain or skull that is caused by direct impact to the head. There are several different ways that a brain injury can occur after a bicycle collision. An injured rider may experience an intracranial injury where the brain moves inside the cranial cavity after they hit their head on the pavement, causing internal bleeding or bruising. Also, if a bicyclist falls and their helmet fails to protect their head, they could suffer a skull fracture or impairment to the brain.

While other injuries after a Glastonbury bike accident may have relatively simpler methods of treatment, this is typically not the case for a head injury. Because the brain is a complex and sensitive organ, there are few surgeries or medications that can easily remedy someone’s head trauma. Instead, a patient with a head injury must undergo cognitive therapy, which can be costly and time-consuming. If a cyclist experiences a head injury after a bike accident, they should contact an attorney immediately for help pursuing compensation for their costly injury.

Broken Bones As a Result of a Bike Crash

Broken bones can occur in various ways after a bike crash. A bike rider may suffer a broken bone upon impact with a car or if they are thrown from their bicycle and come into contact with the sidewalk or road. The severity and number of broken bones a rider experiences following a crash differ depending on the circumstances of the incident.

What Are Injuries with Substantial Long-Term Consequences?

The most extreme examples of long-term injuries due to a Glastonbury bicycle accident would be paralysis as a result of a severed spinal cord or brain injuries. A person with these injuries may experience conditions that lead to changes that last for the rest of the victim’s life. Other serious injuries may include internal damage to organs and disfigurement with scarring.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Bicycle Accident Injuries in Glastonbury

If you have suffered severe Glastonbury bicycle accident injuries, you may have a valid claim for compensation. However, it can be difficult to go through this process without a seasoned legal professional. Reach out to a skilled attorney today for help filing your claim and pursuing compensation for your injuries.


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