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Motor Vehicle Settlement

Type of Case:
Motor Vehicle
Injuries Sustain:
Soft Tissue and Neurological Injuries
Initial Offer:
Final Resolution:
CT Trial Firm Difference:
Case Description:
Motor Vehicle Accident on I-91

Case Details

This case was referred to us by an out-of-state lawyer who chose to continue to work with our team.

Our client was rear-ended while traveling on Interstate 91. Soon after the accident, the client began to develop neurological symptoms, including blurred vision and difficulty walking. The defendant refused to take responsibility and even went so far as to hire an expert who claimed the client was not really injured. The insurance company offered $50,000 on the eve of mediation and stated there was “no way” our client would ever get a six-figure settlement.


We tested our case before a focus group and asked them what our client should recover, if anything. We made a video of the focus group deliberating and shared it with the defendant. In their deliberations, the group was insulted that the defendant wouldn’t accept responsibility for the harm he had done. They believed our client and if they had been seated on a jury, they would have returned a high verdict.


This video made the difference in the case. After saying they would never give our client a six-figure offer, the insurance company offered $300,000 at mediation to settle.


Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC

Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC