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Child Custody: Money And Time

“Bitter and longstanding” are words that JTR Cutsumpas used to describe a custody battle in Ford v. Ford, 2008 WL 853792.

Over 7 years of litigation, the court appointed guardian ad litem for the minor child incurred fees that totaled approximately $37,000.00.

The court stated, perhaps the ultimate lesson in child custody litigation:

If the parties in this case spent as much time communicating or cooperating with one another regarding the rearing of their child as they have in litigating their discord, they would have saved tens of thousands of dollars they claim not to have, they would have avoided the time wasted on dozens of court appearances, and their child would be far better off. Instead, they persist in pursuing one another with a variety of legal motions which often appear to be nothing more than a continuation of the feud over their failed relationship.



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Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC