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In an ideal world, manufacturers and advertisers wouldn’t make mistakes. They’d release products onto the market that did their jobs. They’d advertise those products effectively so that consumers wouldn’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals or untested work.

Unfortunately, dozens of dangerous products make it into the marketplace on a daily basis. You and your loved ones can subsequently fall victim to a manufacturer’s negligence. There’s good news, though. You can hold a manufacturer, advertiser, and related parties liable for the wrongs they did to you.

The product liability lawyers in Norwich working with CT Trial Firm want you to get the financial support you need to recover from a dangerous accident. That’s why we offer to represent you in civil court. You can learn more about the services our Norwich personal injury lawyers offer during a FREE case evaluation.

How to Take Action After a Product Liability Accident

Product liability accidents can do serious damage to your health as well as your home. How are you supposed to fund your recovery? When in doubt, you can work with a personal injury lawyer to:

Go to Court

If you can prove that your product liability accident stemmed from another party’s negligence, you can bring your losses to a judge’s attention. Doing so can help you win compensation for your losses, thereby making it easier for you to pay your post-accident bills.

General Statutes of Connecticut section 52-584 notes that you have two years to investigate the negligence that led to your accident. If you don’t file a personal injury claim by the second anniversary of your accident, you may waive your right to demand loss compensation through Connecticut’s civil court system.

Fortunately, you have experienced Norwich product liability attorneys on your side. We can step in and keep you on top of your filing deadline. At the same time, we can give you the space and time you need to get essential medical care and get your life back on track.

File a Claim With the Manufacturer’s Insurance

You may also have the right to bring your losses to the attention of a manufacturer’s insurance provider. You may have the right to demand compensation for your losses from that provider. That said, you will have to prove the value of your losses to an insurance claims adjuster.

You can do so with the help of an attorney if you so wish. Our team can step in and prevent an insurance claims adjuster or their company from acting in bad faith.

You can also look into your warranty to determine whether or not you’re entitled to a replacement product or pre-determined damages.

Who to Blame for a Product Liability Accident

Before you can take any manner of legal action, you need to determine who or what party you can hold liable for your losses. Several parties owe you a duty of care when they release a product onto the public market. These parties can include the following:

  • The product’s manufacturer
  • The product’s marketing department
  • The FDA or related approval boards
  • The third-party selling the product in question
  • A truck driver delivering the product to your home
  • The truck driver’s packing team

In other words, it’s difficult to make accurate assumptions about the nature of liability when a product fails. It’s in your best interest to work with investigators to discover what party you can name responsible for the injuries done to your person.

You Need Evidence to Build a Strong Case

One of the best ways to determine which party you can hold liable for your losses is to thoroughly investigate your accident. Our attorneys can step in and bring professional investigators to the scene of your accident. In doing so, we can determine what specific negligence led to your losses as well as what evidence bears the most weight in your case.

It’s our responsibility to compile that evidence and related analysis into an actionable personal injury claim. You can then take that claim to a civil judge and initiate the legal action of your choosing.

How to Fight for a Fair Product Liability Settlement

It can take some time for a judge and their court to consider your claim. Should they move your product liability claim forward, though, you have the right to either negotiate for fair compensation or go to civil trial.

A product liability case may also specifically allow you to partner up with other parties who suffered similar accidents. You can work together to formulate a class action lawsuit against an offending manufacturer, marketing agency, or related party. 

You can learn more about the process of initiating a class action lawsuit when you meet with a Norwich product liability attorney for the first time.

Connecticut Lawyers Stand Up for the Little Guy

How do you break down liability after a product failure accident? How do you get the financial support you need to get your life back on track? Who do you hold responsible for your losses, and can you take that party to civil court? The product liability attorneys in Norwich and beyond want to help you answer these questions.

That’s why CT Trial Firm makes it as easy as possible for you to schedule your first civil case evaluation. You can reach out to our team by phone or online to book your appointment. These appointments do not commit you to long-term legal action. Instead, you get to decide how your case progresses or if you want to move forward at all.

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