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The death of a loved one is always a traumatic experience. Recovering from this loss can be challenging, especially when their death could have easily been avoided. In addition to the emotional toll that this kind of loss can take, the death of a loved one can also cause financial strain. Fortunately, an experienced New Haven wrongful death lawyer can help.

At Connecticut Trial Firm, our team of experienced car accident lawyers has helped countless family members of wrongful death victims recover compensation from those responsible. Reach out to our experienced team today to learn more about how we can help through a free consultation with one of our New Haven medical malpractice lawyers.

What an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney in New Haven Can Do to Help You Recover Compensation

After securing the services of a wrongful death attorney serving New Haven, they will immediately get to work on your case to help you recover damages from the party responsible for the death of your loved one. With an experienced lawyer handling your legal issues, you can focus your attention on your family and processing your grief.

One of the first steps your attorney will take on your case will be to launch an independent investigation into the accident that caused the death of your loved one. This investigation will be focused on collecting evidence that supports your claim and proves the liability of the party responsible for the death.

Some of the steps your attorney will likely take include:

  • Visiting the scene of the accident that resulted in the death of your loved one and taking photographs, noting observations, identifying potential witnesses, and gaining access to any available video of the incident
  • Securing a copy of the official police report
  • Reviewing the medical records of your loved one if the cause of death is in question
  • Speaking with eyewitnesses
  • Consulting expert witnesses

Once their initial investigation is complete, your lawyer will review the losses caused by the death of your loved one and calculate how much you can expect to recover if you win your case. Your attorney will then file the paperwork required for a wrongful death lawsuit or insurance claim and ensure that all paperwork gets filed before the statute of limitations deadline.

As they prepare your case for court, your lawyer will also engage in negotiations with opposing counsel, with the aim of reaching a favorable settlement deal. If an agreement is not reached before the end of the pre-trial process, your lawyer will argue your case in court.

Wrongful Death Cases Are Usually Resolved Through Out-of-Court Settlements

When pursuing compensation after the death of a loved one, you need to know that most of the time, these cases are resolved through out-of-court settlements. The reason for this is that settling is typically in the best interest of all involved parties.

By taking a settlement deal, the loved ones of a wrongful death victim will recover compensation far more quickly than they would if they took their case to trial. At the same time, the defendant can avoid any unwanted public attention that may come with a trial. Furthermore, settling means that neither party is at the mercy of an unpredictable jury.

Although your case is likely to settle, it is still vital that you prepare as though you are going to court. There is always a chance that you will be unable to agree to terms for a deal, making a trial necessary. Additionally, by being prepared to go to court, you will increase your leverage in settlement negotiations.

Be Wary When Dealing With Insurance Companies After the Death of a Loved One

After losing a loved one due to a wrongful death, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to trust an insurance company. Insurance providers care far more about protecting their profit margins than they do about protecting people. In this aim, they will go to great lengths to deny or devalue your claim.

Insurance adjusters resort to all sorts of dirty tricks against claimants to minimize the amount they have to pay. Because of this, the best method for protecting yourself is by declining to speak with anyone from the insurance company until you have secured the services of an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

When a New Haven wrongful death lawyer is representing you, the insurer will be unable to contact you directly. By serving as an intermediary, your attorney can help block any tricks the insurer would otherwise employ against you and help level the playing field.

Hire an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney Serving New Haven Today

As you pursue compensation following the death of a loved one, having an experienced attorney by your side will significantly improve your chances of recovering the money you need and deserve. At Connecticut Trial Firm, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the best legal care available. As our name hints, we are always prepared to take a case to trial.

Contact us by phone or through this website to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our wrongful death lawyers in New Haven today.


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