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No motorcycle rider wants to experience a crash. While some of these accidents are unavoidable, many occur due to the careless actions of other motorists. These accidents often lead to substantial losses for the motorcyclist, including the cost of medical bills, bike repairs, and time away from work.

A Marlborough motorcycle accident lawyer could help you remedy these losses in you were involved in a crash of this nature. By working with a skilled personal injury attorney, you could avoid making errors in your claim and give yourself the best chance at obtaining compensation.

Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

One reason motorcycle accidents can be so costly to recover from is the potential for severe injury. Unlike cars or trucks, a motorcycle offers little in the way of protection in the event of a collision. Not only are drivers directly exposed to harm, but they also risk injury from falling off their bike in an accident. Some of the injuries common to motorcycle crashes include:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Back injuries
  • Road rash
  • Brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations

By carefully developing a motorcycle accident claim, a Marlborough attorney could assist an injured motorcyclist in recovering compensation for any of these conditions.

Demonstrating Negligence in Marlborough Motorbike Accident Claim

Before an attorney can recover compensation, they must first prove the other party was liable. Every motorist owes a duty to exercise reasonable care when behind the wheel to avoid risk to others. Negligence occurs when a careless motorist disregards this duty and causes an accident.

An injured motorcyclist also must establish that the defendant’s conduct directly led to their injuries and that these losses resulted in compensable damages under the law. A knowledgeable Marlborough lawyer with experience in motorcycle accident cases could help an injured party establish defendant negligence.

Comparative Negligence in a Motorcycle Crash

Not all motorcycle accidents are so simple. Many crashes result from a variety of factors, which in some cases, include the actions of multiple parties. In Marlborough, modified comparative fault applies in situations where the plaintiff may be partially to blame for their injuries.

If a rider is partially responsible for a crash, their degree of responsibility determines if they can recover compensation from the other negligent parties. According to state law, a plaintiff may only recover damages if they are 50 percent or less responsible for a crash. When a jury determines the motorcyclist is primarily responsible, they may lose their ability to recover any damages.

The jury also may reduce a plaintiff’s damage award based on their percentage of fault. For example, a motorcyclist that is 20 percent at fault may only receive 80 percent of their damages.

Contact a Marlborough Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident could result in significant property damage and severe bodily injury. If you are forced to bear the cost of these damages on your own, it could put you under serious financial pressure.

Thankfully, state law provides you with the ability to pursue damages from the at-fault motorist. To move forward with your claim, call a Marlborough motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm today.


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