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Handheld mobile devices today now have expanded capabilities and support other forms of communication beyond phone calls. In recent years, a distracted driving epidemic has emerged in the United States resulting in many car accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. Too many drivers routinely use these devices to check text messages, forcing motorist to take their eyes off of the road ahead.

An individual who operates a vehicle while texting is demonstrating negligence that places others at risk. Those who receive injuries in these situations are encouraged to speak to a personal injury lawyer. A Marlborough texting while driving car accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing financial compensation for injuries and property losses.

Laws Prohibiting Drivers from Mobile Device Usage

In addition to civil liability, individual acts of distracted driving are unlawful and subject to penalties. According to Connecticut General Statutes 248:14-296aa, drivers may not engage in phone calls or text messaging while operating a vehicle. Some exceptions apply, including for emergency responders, members of law enforcement, or those operating military vehicles.

The law prohibits drivers under the age of 18 from using mobile devices behind the wheel, even in hands-free mode. The fines imposed for these violations are $150 for a first offense, then $300 and $500 for subsequent infractions.

Consequences of Distracted Driving in Connecticut

The state’s laws make an at-fault party in a motor vehicle accident financially responsible. Proving that a driver was at-fault is based on the legal standard of negligence, which requires showing that the party breached their duty to act with reasonable care and caused an injury and other damages.

In many vehicle accidents, the at-fault party may be apparent; however, situations arise where responsibility is in dispute.  A seasoned accident injury attorney could reassess the circumstances, gather evidence, seek testimony from witnesses, and more. Having these types of evidence to support the plaintiff’s appraisal of the event is essential.

Deadline to File a Claim in Court

The statute of limitations for bringing civil actions for damages is two years from when the injury occurs. The deadline for claims of wrongful death is no later than two years after the date of fatality. However, there are certain circumstances where a claim must be filed within 90 days of the accident.

Increased Damage Awards in Civil Cases

Per Connecticut General Statutes 248:14-295, in cases of personal injury, awards for damages may be doubled or tripled if the defendant’s actions demonstrated intent or were recklessly negligent. Causation must be established between these careless actions and the injuries, property losses, et cetera.

A plaintiff may seek recovery for economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and for repair or replacement of a vehicle. The potential non-economic damages include pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment. A Marlborough texting while driving attorney calculate the injured claimant’s economic and non-economic damages and help them seek compensation from the responsible party.

Consult with a Marlborough Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney

Despite widespread dissemination by advocates for public safety and new laws that prohibit drivers from engaging in the practice, accidents attributed to texting persist. Fortunately, people who incur harm from such careless behavior may seek reparations from the at-fault party. A car accident lawyer in Marlborough can be a helpful resource for these matters.

The insurance companies representing motorists in these accidents often seek to resolve these claims hastily. They might offer an insufficient settlement. An experienced Marlborough texting while driving car accident lawyer could help you recover substantial monetary compensation during this difficult circumstance. Call today to learn more.


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