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When someone fails to give the right way properly, the results can be devastating. Additionally, understanding and proving liability in a failure to yield accident can be complicated.

As a result, if you have suffered injuries in a crash where another driver failed to give the right of way, you should speak with a skilled Marlborough failure to yield accident lawyer. An attorney familiar with the complexities of these cases could help protect your rights and pursue a claim for fair compensation.

How Do Failure to Yield Accidents Occur?

Traffic laws are designed to account for the unpredictable patterns of all motorists on the road. These regulations require drivers to yield to traffic or pedestrians when:

  • Turning
  • Continuing after a stop sign or light
  • Pulling out of a parking spot
  • Approaching a crosswalk
  • Merging onto another road
  • Seeing an emergency vehicle

When drivers fail to give the right of way, they may interfere with the lawful flow of traffic and cause an accident. In many cases, although they are at fault, the driver failing to yield may be struck by an oncoming vehicle. This makes the lawful motorist vulnerable to accusations of being partially at fault for their injuries.

Therefore, it is crucial to collect evidence that supports the negligent driver was responsible for the accident. A Marlborough lawyer who has experience in failure to yield accident cases could help gather and preserve evidence. An attorney could also protect the injured claimant from making statements that could be used as an admission of liability.

Recoverable Damages

When someone suffers an injury caused by a negligent driver they may be entitled to compensation for both their economic and emotional losses. Economic damages may include medical costs, lost wages, and any future health care expenses. Additionally, if a claimant sustains significant property damage to their vehicle, they may also be entitled to compensation for any repair or replacement costs.

An injured party may also recover for their pain and suffering from the accident and loss of enjoyment of life. Noneconomic damages may be more difficult to evaluate, and therefore, requires a consultation with a legal professional. In addition to evaluating what a case may be worth, a knowledgeable Marlborough failure to yield accident attorney could assess the adequacy of any settlement offers.

Work with a Marlborough Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Today

Filing a claim for damages after any type of car crash can be difficult without proper legal representation. However, there are certain nuances to right of way cases that make them more complex. As a result, if you have been in this type of wreck, you should contact a Marlborough failure to yield accident lawyer immediately.

They could come up with a legal strategy that demonstrates fault on the part of the negligent party and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. To learn what your claim may be worth, call now for an initial case consultation.


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