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Losing a family member in an accident can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if another’s reckless actions is the cause of their death. Luckily, you are not expected to deal with it all on your own. It is wise to retain a lawyer to help with the unique aspects of Manchester wrongful death cases. A dedicated wrongful death attorney could investigate the cause of your loved one’s death, retain expert witnesses, and help prove the defendant’s negligent actions. Discuss your legal options with a local attorney.

What Should Families Understand Before They Attend a Trial?

Before attending a Manchester wrongful death trial, families should freely ask their lawyer questions so that they are aware of how the legal process plays out. The biggest mistakes to avoid would be failing to understand the case and not providing the necessary documentation to the court in order to present everything as planned.

If a wrongful death trial is a medical practice case, it could last several weeks. If it is a case with stipulated liability – meaning that the defendant admits they have done something wrong but disagrees over the amount of damages – the trial could be as short as several days.

The Role of Judges in a Manchester Wrongful Death Trial

During wrongful death trials, the judge can make rulings regarding legal motions during jury trials and what evidence can and cannot come in during trials or hearings. They may instruct the jury about the court’s procedures, but for a bench trial in a wrongful death case the judge is going to review the facts of the case and award damages.

What is the Difference Between a Bench Trial and a Jury Trial?

The difference between a bench trial and a jury trial for wrongful death cases is that a jury in Connecticut is comprised of six people who review the facts of the case, while a bench trial is decided by the judge only. In a wrongful death claim, the judge or jury will determine which party was responsible and award money to compensate the state for the losses that it has incurred based on the facts of the case.

A jury assigns liability by listening to all evidence, arguments, and presentations of the attorneys, and the instructions from the judge. They also review records, apply their experience to the case, and make rulings about how much should be awarded to whom.

What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play in Wrongful Death Trials?

Expert witnesses are important in wrongful death trials because their opinions can help determine liability and how the accident happened. An expert witness may be needed to help assess damages and whether or not the incident caused the death. Some common witnesses for these cases are:

  • Doctors (especially in medical malpractice cases)
  • Economists (to determine how much to seek in damages)
  • Accident reconstructionists
  • Forensic pathologists

An experienced lawyer could work to discredit the defense’s expert witness by researching other testimonies they have given. The attorney could also study resources from other experts in the field, consult with a similarly-situated expert or opinion, and ask questions to impeach the opposing expert.

An Attorney Could Navigate the Unique Aspects of a Wrongful Death Case in Manchester

Emotions can run high during wrongful death trials but the case could be handled with competence and professionalism by a quality Manchester lawyer. From litigating the case in front of a jury to negotiating settlements, a wrongful death lawyer could explain to you and your family, the unique aspects of the case. Call now for a consultation.


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