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There are specific mistakes to avoid in Manchester truck accident cases. When someone makes these errors in judgment, the consequences can be severe. Fortunately, a truck wreck attorney could help you avoid these mistakes.

Admitting Fault or Apologizing

After a truck accident in Manchester, it is a mistake to admit fault because it could impact someone’s ability to recover, and this also could be completely inaccurate. Sometimes, people mistakenly think that they are at fault because they do not have all the information, especially if they suffered trauma, and their memory of the incident is not accurate. Unfortunately, once a person admits that they are at fault, that statement can become an issue later down the road, and they may be unable to retract that statement. It best to let the professionals sort out fault rather than simply admitting it at the scene.

Giving an apology also may be a mistake because it can be construed as an admission of fault or liability. While some people often want to do the right thing and be kind, but insurance companies lookout for the bottom line. They may this the person’s words and use statements against them to deny paying a valid claim.

Why is Refusing Medical Treatment a Mistake?

Refusing immediate medical treatment can be a mistake because the adrenaline may be masking someone’s pain. They could make it home and find themselves in sudden, severe pain as the muscles contract and the adrenaline wears off. Sometimes, people are embarrassed and do not want to go on an ambulance ride. Other times, they may not have health insurance and may be unable to pay the bills that accompany an ambulance and the ER.

Longer intervals between an accident and treatment for an injury make it less likely that a jury will believe the treatment stems from an injury suffered in the truck accident. Therefore, it is important to get immediate medical attention so a claimant can have a clear record of the injuries they suffered in the accident. Additionally, refusal of treatment may hurt a person’s case because the insurance company may state that the person could not have had a severe injury.

Furthermore, it is a mistake to decide not to follow the doctor’s orders because those orders are given specifically to help with the injury. For example, ignoring physical therapy protocol could lead to their muscles weakening, arthritis, and other complications.

Speaking with an Insurance Company

In some situations, the at-fault party’s insurance company may try to convince the injured party that they are on their side. In reality, they have one purpose: to make money for the insurance company by paying the person as little as possible. They have carefully practiced questions that are given to them by professional interrogators designed to elicit answers that are unfavorable to an injured person. A person should never give a statement to the trucker’s insurance company without an attorney present.

Insurance companies contact people who have been injured in truck accidents by finding them online or searching on the massive databases to which they have access.

People make the mistake of giving a recorded statement to the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company because either they do not know that they can refuse to do so. They may feel like they did nothing wrong and have nothing to hide.

An injured person should not make the error of cashing an insurance check following a truck accident in Manchester. Offering an initial check to the injured person is one trick that the insurance companies use. They know that if they give the claimant a check, they may not have to pay for the full amount of damages. If the person cashes the check, the claim is over, and any future medical bills are no longer the company’s obligation. Offering this check is a form of settlement.

Contact a Manchester Attorney to Avoid Making Mistakes During the Truck Wreck Case Process

It is mistake to fail to contact an attorney after a truck accident because the trucking company may already be preparing a case in their defense. This company has its team of investigators looking to cheat a person out of the true value of their damages. Injuries may affect a person’s livelihood, income, and health. The trucking company tries to avoid payment, and the only way that a person may be able to fight back against these massive corporations is to have an experienced trucking accident attorney on their side.

The most important time to contact an attorney is as soon as the injured person can. The sooner someone contacts an attorney, the more they can do to help.  An attorney could answer questions for a claimant and help look into their options for medical treatment, repayment of bills, and other aspects of their claim. A lawyer’s job is to try to seek justice and get the person their rightful recovery after their accident.

Another common mistake to avoid in a Manchester truck accident case is hiring the wrong lawyer. They may hire someone who does not have experience in trucking accidents. These cases have certain complex legal issues, such as logistics company liability, insurance, broken parts liability, and more. Additionally, some insurance agents for trucking companies play a lot of games regarding coverage, trying to cheat people out of money. Therefore, it can be a mistake not to hire an attorney with proper experience.


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