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If you took a bad spill on someone else’s property and sustained injury because of it, you are likely going to want to file a personal injury claim. Your odds of success will increase if you come into it prepared with all of the necessary information. A dependable slip and fall attorney could help you with that goal. Let a legal professional provide guidance in preparing a slip and fall claim in Manchester.

Understanding the Claims Process

The first thing that happens in a slip and fall case is that a plaintiff meets with a lawyer who looks at the case, discusses the strengths and weaknesses, and gives them advice. Then the lawyer begins investigating the case, preserving and obtaining evidence, getting medical generic for soma 250 records, and ensuring that treatment continues.

In a particularly severe injury, it might take years to understand the full effects, which is where expert opinions can help predict future needs. The lawyer will then attempt to resolve the claim with the insurance company. If they cannot, they could file a lawsuit and potentially take it to trial. Knowing the possible length of the ordeal is essential to preparing a local slip and fall claim.

What Should a Claimant Share in the Initial Intake Meeting?

For their initial intake meeting with a lawyer, people should prepare to share their version of events, how it happened, and any evidence that they know about. They also should be prepared to discuss some of their pertinent medical history, such as whether they had prior injuries to similar body parts. While the plaintiff should provide all the evidence that they can, they should not exert themselves while trying to heal from injuries. A lawyer, or a private investigator that they hire, could visit the accident scene to gather information.

To sign on for a case, a lawyer will want to see the claimant’s driver’s license, ID, any relevant photos they have, and a police incident report. If they do not have a report, a lawyer could obtain it for them.

The defendants’ insurance company will want to see the medical records and any pertinent information related to the claim. The plaintiff and their lawyer must send a demand letter to the insurance adjuster that lays out all of the known facts of the case.

Preparing a Case

The best thing someone can do to prepare for a slip and fall case in Manchester is preserve any evidence they may have, such as pictures, the shoes they were wearing, or any property that took damage. They needed to be honest with their lawyer about their injuries, and if something is really hurting, they need to report it to their doctor. Even a minor muscle tear could become more serious and it is important to get it on record.

An attorney could help with the claims process by listening and making sure they are protecting the claim, such as filing any property notice and preserving evidence. They should provide the plaintiff with honest counsel about the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

What is Each Party is Trying to Prove in a Claim?

A plaintiff in a slip and fall claim is trying to prove there was an injury on the property which was caused by something the landlord knew or should have known about. They will also try to prove what those injuries are, and the financial losses, including lost wages, future medical treatment, and emotional trauma.

The defense team will try to dispute these claims, saying that the plaintiff is lying, that they bear fault, or that the injuries are not as severe as they are arguing. It is a lawyer’s job to rebut these accusations.

Prepare Your Slip and Fall Claim with a Manchester Attorney

The claims process can be difficult but it is vitally important to hit the ground running. Time is of the essence in these claims. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible about preparing a slip and fall claim in Manchester. The sooner you have collected all of the facts of your case, the better chance you have of winning the compensation you need.


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