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Accidents that involve tripping or slipping on someone else’s property can be difficult to litigate due to the amount of proof required. Fortunately, there are a number of common fact patterns of Manchester slip and falls cases that you could prepare for. Retain the services of an experienced slip and fall attorney who knows all the right steps to take to secure a settlement or a positive verdict.

What Are Some Scenarios That Lead to Slip and Falls?

Slip and fall accidents occur when a person falls on somebody else’s property as a result of a hazard that should not be there, whether it is a defect in the property, a spill, a weather condition, or a misplaced object.

Snow and ice are common conditions that lead to slip and falls. Manchester has cold winters but many people still fail to properly shovel or salt the ice on their property. The second most-common condition that causes slip and falls would be obstructions or irregularities on commercial premises, such as uneven pavement around Buckland Mall.

The most common pattern of injuries that people sustain from local slipping accidents are broken wrists, injured shoulders, leg fractures, spinal injuries, and concussions.

What Makes Tripping Accident Claims Unique?

Slip and fall cases can be difficult because they hinge on what the property owner knew or should have known, which can sometimes be subjective, and whether the plaintiff holds any liability for their own accident. It is not uncommon for a jury to go a whole year without awarding victory to a single plaintiff for a slip and fall case. Many cases settle before getting to that point.

What Attorneys Look For

A Manchester attorney could use their knowledge of common fact patterns in a slip and fall case by investigating and preserving the evidence such as videotapes and documents, and getting an expert out to inspect the premises and determine if there was some defect. The attorney could also take a lot of stress off of the plaintiff by handling the heavy lifting of the legal matters.

One of the first things that a lawyer will look for is whether there was something wrong with the property. If someone clearly just tripped over their own two feet, or if they tripped over their untied shoelaces, there is no case there. Often, an attorney will want to get experts out to measure the ground or look for defects before the landowner has the opportunity to change it.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistakes for plaintiffs to avoid are talking to the defendant’s insurance company and giving a statement, because the insurer will try to get an incriminating statement. Only the lawyer should communicate with the insurance company. It is also a mistake to not seek treatment immediately because that can be used as evidence that injuries did not occur.

A lawyer should first try to identify the property owner. If the property owner happens to be a town or municipality, such as the city of Manchester or the Metropolitan District (MDC), they will have to give special notice within 90 days. Many people do not realize this deadline exists and make the mistake of waiting too long to file.

An Attorney Could Identify the Fact Patterns Commonly Found in Manchester Slip and Fall Accidents

Although every case is unique, there is enough of a common pattern to slip and fall cases in Manchester that you could gain the upper hand over the defendant. A lawyer with skill and resources could be your best way of winning damages for your injuries. Call now for a free and confidential consultation.


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