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Many people are shaken, confused, or angry after being hit by a car while walking or jogging, in addition to potentially suffering from painful injuries. However, it is crucial to be cognizant of many things in the initial period of time after being hit. In order to ensure you are well-prepared for a possible legal challenge, you need to learn what to do after a Manchester pedestrian accident. A quality pedestrian accident attorney could help you in that situation.

Immediate Actions After a Crash

The first step a pedestrian should take after an accident in Manchester is to move into a safe area to avoid being hit by other traffic, if they are physically able to. An injured person should seek medical attention immediately, even if they do not initially feel that anything is wrong. Because many pedestrian accidents tend to be more severe, an ambulance is often needed to transport them to a hospital. Some injuries, such as brain damage, might not manifest itself for days, weeks, or even months. It is important to have a doctor check to make sure nothing is wrong.

From a legal standpoint, getting treatment immediately after an incident is going to be beneficial for the plaintiff. Skipping out on a doctor’s visit, and then experiencing pain that necessitates a lawsuit, might allow the insurance company to claim that the injury was not a result of the accident in question.

When the Injuries Restrict Movement

Broken bones are common injuries in pedestrian accidents. Someone who has multiple fractures might not be able to move or take notice of their surroundings. Furthermore, depending on their occupation, this might cause them to miss many days of work in order to properly heal, which could impact their life if they are not sufficiently compensated for it. When experiencing debilitating injuries like this, a person should wait for an ambulance to come and take them safely to a hospital.

Why Should Someone Contact an Attorney Immediately?

A person should contact an attorney immediately after an accident, once they have received proper treatment. The consultation will be free and there is no obligation to retain their services. If an injured individual gives statements to the insurance company, that company will try to twist their words against them in order to deny a claim. That is why having a legal professional could greatly increase a plaintiff’s odds for success.

How Should a Pedestrian Acquire a Driver’s Information?

If there is only a minor accident, it is common for pedestrian and driver to exchange information at the scene and discuss the ramifications later. For a more serious accident, a Manchester police officer will usually be the conduit of information.

If they are well enough to do so, a pedestrian who has been struck by a vehicle – or someone who was walking with them – should take photos of the accident scene. They should also take note of any potential witnesses or video cameras that may have captured the accident.

Damages to Seek in a Lawsuit

One of the most important things for a person to do after a local pedestrian accident is begin to list the potential damages that they might be able to recover. The damages that someone could seek include medical bills, loss of work income, diminished value of future potential earnings, pain and suffering, among others. Recording these losses early can make the filing process easier down the road.

When compensating for medical bills or lost income, it is simply a matter of calculating how much was lost. When compensating for intangible non-economic damages, the jury will usually determine how much that loss is worth. In Connecticut, there is no cap on the amount of damages someone could be awarded. Punitive damages might be awarded if the driver was doing something illegal or reckless, such as texting or drinking.

It is critical to keep abreast of the filing deadline for a potential lawsuit. The statute of limitations for Manchester pedestrian accidents is two years, although some situations might require a person to file with a tortfeasor within 90 days.

Ask an Attorney What to Do After a Manchester Pedestrian Accident

The most important thing for anyone who has been hurt in a collision is to receive proper medical treatment. After that, a lawyer could take you step-by-step through all of the other necessary tasks that will increase your odds of legal success. Call for help today to learn more about what to do after a Manchester pedestrian accident.


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