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While the diagnosis process may require some trial and error, patients should receive a correct answer from their doctor to put their mind at ease. Patients who have had their condition misdiagnosed can face worsening conditions and complications. If you were improperly diagnosed, seek legal counsel from a Manchester misdiagnosis lawyer to review your claim. A diligent medical malpractice attorney could help you collect the proper evidence to support your claim and assist you in getting adequate compensation. Call our firm today to get started.

Common Forms of Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor treats someone and does not properly identify the cause of the symptoms. The most common forms of medical misdiagnosis concerns cancers. For example, a doctor may dismiss rectal bleeding without doing a colonoscopy or further testing and later discovers cancer. This circumstance similarly happens with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or uterine cancer because the symptoms manifest in different ways.

The harm in a misdiagnosis could be death. If medical professionals do not catch some conditions early enough, the patient could have a completely different outcome than if the doctors caught it originally. If a misdiagnosis has exacerbated someone’s harm, they should contact a Manchester attorney as soon as possible to discuss their legal options.

The Diagnosis Process

When one is dealing with a misdiagnosis, the doctors may conduct a differential diagnosis by weighing the probability of one disease against other diseases that could account for a patient’s illness. For instance, a doctor should not dismiss rectal bleeding as hemorrhoids when it might make sense to run a blood test, do a colonoscopy, or a fecal matter test. There are different things a doctor might do in the differential diagnosis. A Manchester misdiagnosis attorney can further explain how this process pertains to a specific case during a private consultation.

Under What Circumstances Can Misdiagnosis Not Result in Medical Malpractice?

A misdiagnosis could be a mistake when two circumstances are present. The doctor may decide a patient’s illness is one condition when the evidence and literature indicate that it is something else.

Also, the doctor may try a treatment resulting in an initial misdiagnosis. This is not considered negligence because it is within the standard of care. Something that might prove to be a misdiagnosis could be part of the process of a proper diagnosis. For more information on medical malpractice, consult with a knowledgeable misdiagnosis attorney in Manchester.

Initial Steps Taken by a Misdiagnosis Attorney

When someone believes a misdiagnosis occurred, they should find a doctor who can make a proper diagnosis and treat the problem. Then, they should consult with a misdiagnosis attorney in Manchester to investigate their case to see if it rises to a malpractice claim.

The first thing an attorney looks at is the medical records to identify evidence of an injury that rises to the level of medical malpractice. After reviewing the facts of the case, the lawyer will then look at how to establish liability and calculate the damages.

Common Mistakes in Misdiagnosis Claims in Manchester

One of the most common mistakes a person makes in these types of claims is waiting too long after the injury before seeking a legal professional. Time is of the essence to file a claim because the statute of limitations may run out. Sometimes, it can take six months to get the right expert to render an opinion in a case. Even though the statute is two to three years, if an individual calls a lawyer three months before the statute, they may refuse to take the case because there is not enough time to properly handle it. Some attorneys cannot obtain experts and opinions before the statute of limitations runs out.

If an individual has a question or concern, they should contact a Manchester attorney who is familiar with misdiagnosis cases to get peace of mind.

Information to Know Before Filing a Misdiagnosis Case

Medical malpractice cases are complicated. For one reason or another, individuals may not pursue these cases. Injured patients as a result of medical negligence are not on a level playing field, and they should know that. The playing field is tilted firmly in favor of doctors, hospitals, and providers.

A person with a misdiagnosis matter should be aware of the attorney’s experience in medical malpractice and what resources they have to handle these cases. The injured victim should also be aware of whether the lawyer is working solo or is part of a law firm and what kind of malpractice insurance the attorney carries.

Contact a Manchester Misdiagnosis Attorney for Help

When a doctor fails to diagnose you correctly, it could lead to serious life-threatening problems. If you have been diagnosed incorrectly by your doctor, contact a Manchester misdiagnosis lawyer to discuss possible compensation for your injuries. A compassionate attorney would be familiar with the necessary steps you could take to hold the physicians responsible for their negligent actions. Do not delay; contact our firm today.


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