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Injuries to the spine are among the worst that a person could suffer in an accident as they can affect an individual for years if not their entire life. There are a number of unique aspects to spinal cord injuries that a Manchester attorney could prepare you for if this unfortunate accident has happened to you. A compassionate spine injury attorney is available to put you on the road to recovery by fighting for your financial relief.

Preparing for a Spinal Cord Injury Case

In Manchester, a lawyer prepares for a spinal cord injury case by listening to the plaintiff and their loved ones, doing a thorough investigation, obtaining all the medical images and records, and consulting with spinal cord experts.

An attorney should advise a plaintiff that these cases are unique and require special funding and attention to prepare for. Ideally, an injured party should receive support from a team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff who can provide extra hours of work and resources to expand the case.

Additionally, attorneys could elicit the knowledge of life care planners or occupational therapists who can explain the kind of injuries sustained, as well as the medical and personal care required for the future. Legal counsel also may retain an actuary to calculate the future cost of these expenses.

What Qualifies as Evidence in a Spinal Cord Injury Case?

Spinal injuries are sometimes impossible to see with the naked eye, so there may be unique medical evidence required to prove damages. In Manchester, evidence in a spinal cord injury case often consists of:

  • Statements from the plaintiff and any witnesses
  • Photographs and video of the incident
  • Medical records and imaging
  • Expert testimony

The plaintiff’s attorney may want to get in touch with the police if it was a motor vehicle accident or with OSHA investigators if it was a workplace accident.

The plaintiff could contribute evidence to the investigation by recalling details of the event, explaining where and by whom they have received treatment, providing a list of potential witnesses, and describing how their life has changed since the injury. The plaintiff and their attorney have a unique challenge in presenting a clear picture of what the spinal damage has done to their way of life.

Obtaining a Long-Term Insurance Plan

It is difficult to obtain a long-term life insurance plan for someone with spinal cord injuries. If they do obtain a policy, it will likely be expensive, but it can be purchased if they work with the appropriate insurance provider. One of the goals of a lawsuit is to obtain a large enough award or settlement to cover the cost of high insurance premiums.

Insurance companies may avoid working with people suffering from spinal cord injuries, but it might depend on the type and severity of their damage. An experienced lawyer could consult with several insurance brokers who could evaluate the options available to an injured person.

What Could Long-Term Treatment Options Involve?

Long-term treatment options for somebody who suffered a spine injury include ongoing intense rehabilitation therapy to strengthen muscles and gain back physical functions, trying to improve blood flow to their extremities, and strengthening their core. If somebody is paraplegic, improving their nutrition is critical, as some individuals with paralysis have incontinence issues. They may need treatment for anxiety and depression, and many who suffer spine injuries have a fear of falling or dying because they can no longer move like they used to.

Physicians might also need to monitor their patients, prescribe new medications, and keep them hospitalized in certain emergency situations. Altogether, these expenses can run into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Low-income individuals would likely need Medicaid to pay for some of it, which is why it is important to hire a local attorney who could fight to recover damages.

How Can Someone’s Spine Injury Affect Their Family?

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries often cause paralysis depending upon the severity. This might necessitate the need for lifelong care, sometimes by the person’s own family.

The family may need to provide continuous care and ensure that their loved one is not left alone to fend for themselves. Loved ones may need to help cook meals, change clothes, and assist with bathroom tasks. This can put immense stress on the family. In Manchester, the caregiver for an injured person could bring a loss of consortium claim for damages if they are the spouse or a child under 18.

Consult a Manchester Attorney to Learn More About the Unique Aspects of Spinal Cord Injury Cases

If you severely damaged your spine in an accident, it may be difficult to account for all of your medical expenses without recovering compensation. Talk to a skilled lawyer in Manchester about your spinal cord injury and learn more about the unique aspects associated with these cases. Call today for your initial consultation.


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