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When someone sustains an injury that leaves lasting damage or inhibits their ability to move, think, or talk clearly, they may endure a long process of adjusting to their new life. To recover compensation for their losses, an injured party must act quickly but may not be in a position to do so. Therefore, it is wise to partner with a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney. The role of an attorney in a Manchester catastrophic injury case is to provide guidance during the legal process, be a claimant’s voice in court, and act as a support system.

How Dos the Relationship Between Attorney and Claimant Evolve?

The first interaction between attorney and claimant is typically an interview where the law firm determines if this is a case they could successfully argue and the claimant determines if this firm has the right experience to take their case. Both parties also generally look to see if their personalities and communication style works well together.

After that, the two parties may schedule a consultation to review what the injured party’s rights are and what options they have to seek recovery. If an investigation commences, it is imperative that the lawyer receives all relevant medical records and the names of any witnesses to the accident.

Building Strong Relationships

An attorney should build a relationship with the claimant through frequent communication, compassion, consistency, keeping promises, and being available if something needs to be discussed. The role of a lawyer in a Manchester catastrophic injury case is to make sure that the claimant’s interests are looked out for, that they are protected, and end up in a better position than they were before retaining legal services.

An attorney should be prepared to answer the plaintiff’s questions at any time – whether that is in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or during a holiday. There should be a reasonable expectation that a concerned claimant will have their questions answered as soon as possible. A suit for damages after a catastrophic incident is a major event in someone’s life and they deserve to have peace of mind no matter what time or day a concern arises.

An Attorney’s Approach to Recovering Damages

A lawyer in the area could approach the assessment of damages in a number of different ways; including by looking at the medical records to see what kind of harm came to the patient. They should learn if the patient lost time from work or if they will not have the earning capacity that they previously did. An attorney could determine what abilities a person has lost as a result of the accident and what activities they may be unable to do in the future. A lawyer could then use the resources at their disposal to learn what similar cases in the past have settled for and apply that to the current claim.

Acquiring Medical Records

One of the crucial unseen roles of a local attorney in catastrophic injury cases is gathering and analyzing medical records and bills. Records can be difficult to get and there is a specific procedure to acquire them which a lawyer might have experience with. Once they have received the records, there is a process to categorizing them and looking for relevant information that could be used in a trial to justify awarding damages.

What if the Case is Not Successful?

If the case is not successful, the plaintiff is usually not responsible for any costs to the law firm. However, they might be required to pay some sort of expense to their lawyer if they signed an agreement at the beginning of the case.

It should be a lawyer’s goal to acquire enough damages for the plaintiff to live comfortably for many years, especially if they had a paralyzing injury and lost the ability to perform certain jobs. Achieving that goal is going to depend upon available insurance. If there is not a lot of insurance available from the defendants, this can complicate the recovery. There is also the possibility of filing a Social Security Disability application and pursuing any long-term care insurance.

Discuss the Role of a Lawyer in Manchester Catastrophic Injury Claims

When searching for someone to take your civil case, your best bet is to find a strong team of lawyers. The benefit of working with a law firm as opposed to a private law practitioner is that the process can move faster, and the firm could respond to inquiries more quickly. A solo practitioner, by contrast, will likely not have anyone to work on the case if they are on vacation or otherwise unavailable. They typically also work only one case at a time.

You could find a team of Manchester catastrophic injury lawyers who perform various roles within your case and might be available at any hour of the day. Call now to learn more.


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