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When someone suddenly becomes paralyzed after a tragic accident, there is a high chance that they will want to file suit for their losses. The best way to increase the odds of a favorable outcome in court is to ensure that it is diligently prepared ahead of time by a capable paralysis attorney.

You should not have to worry about the legal process when you are recovering from a debilitating injury. Work with a lawyer to prepare a paralysis claim in Manchester and hold the liable parties accountable for your condition.

What Should Someone Do Immediately After a Paralyzing Accident?

After sustaining an injury that has caused paralysis, the first thing a person should do is get the medical care that they need. Once they are stable, then they should reach out to an attorney who is going to represent them in court and could provide statements to insurance companies, investigators, or adjusters on their behalf.

A person who has suffered paralyzing injury should consider hiring a local attorney to prepare their case. These claims are usually complicated and plaintiffs cannot trust the defendant’s insurance companies to look out for anything other than their own interests. The plaintiff should work with a catastrophic injury lawyer to protect their claim, make sure that the right experts are brought on, and file the proper notices to keep the claim active.

Identifying the Cause of Paralysis

It is important to identify what the specific cause of the paralysis was. Spinal cord injuries are common causes of paralysis and they often happen in a traumatic event, such as workplace injuries, trip and falls, or car accidents. Work-related injuries commonly happen in warehouses and any place where people are moving massive machinery or lifting heavy objects.

Illnesses can also cause paralysis if not treated properly, including stroke, cerebral palsy, ALS, botulism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Guillain-Barre’s syndrome. If a doctor or surgeon was negligent, the plaintiff could potentially file a malpractice claim.

Preparing a claim also requires that the type of paralysis the patient was diagnosed with is identified. Paraplegia is the loss of use of the legs, while quadriplegia is the loss of both the legs and the arms. Properly identifying the diagnosis can play a critical part in recovering damages.

The Lawyer’s Role in Preparing a Case

A lawyer in Manchester prepares a paralysis case by listening to the claimant and trying to understand how the accident happened. They could attempt to acquire medical records and send letters out to the parties who caused the injury to preserve any evidence. An attorney could also order insurance companies not to speak to the claimant, and begin consulting with experts who might be able to bolster the case.

In order to demonstrate that a paralysis is incurable, legal counsel could request an official opinion from a professional such as a doctor, surgeon, or neurologist. That professional will, through the use of imaging and testing, have to prove that the plaintiff will be unable to regain the use of their affected body parts.

A lawyer could methodically and meticulously collect and present evidence that sheds light on the accident. This includes analyzing everything from photographs to site inspections to medical records.

An Attorney Could Help You Prepare a Paralysis Claim in Manchester

There are many things to account for when building a lawsuit after a personal injury. In addition to gathering evidence, speaking with the defendant’s lawyers and insurance, and filing the proper documents, the plaintiff also needs to be looked after. Prepare for a paralysis claim in Manchester by working with an experienced lawyer who could help you seek justice. Schedule a consultation today.


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