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When someone is in a car accident, their goal should be to ensure that the defendant pays their claims reasonably and that they are compensated fairly for their medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses. A dedicated attorney could help you build a case that may lead to this outcome if you were recently in a severe car wreck. A lawyer also could explain what you should know about Manchester car accident cases before the legal process begins.

Potential Causes

One of the primary causes of car accidents in Manchester is distracted drivers. When a motorist does not keep their eyes on the road, this may lead to sudden reactions that cause car wrecks. Drunk drivers also frequently cause deadly motor vehicle accidents.

What to Know About the Investigation Process

Individuals should know that whenever there is a car accident in Manchester, police conduct an investigation and create a report. Then, the claimant’s lawyers may try to obtain witness statements and video footage from surveillance cameras in nearby businesses.

One of the unique things about Manchester is major highways such as I-84. There are also major commercial districts, especially near the Buckland Hills Mall. In these areas, there may be substantial surveillance video of a car crash.

Establishing Liability

Manchester is a modified contributory negligence jurisdiction, which means an individual may recover compensation as long as they are no more than 51 percent at fault.

In a modified contributory negligence case, the jury determines two things. They establish the amount of damages in a case and determine if it should be reduced by the plaintiff’s conduct. For instance, on a verdict form, the jury may reduce the amount of damages if they find somebody is 20 percent at fault, resulting in an award that covers 80 percent of their total losses.

Liability is established using the totality of the factors. They include property damage, images, and statements given by the parties and witnesses. Sometimes, it is necessary to obtain black box data from a vehicle as well.

Why Is It Important to Contact an Attorney Early?

Individuals should know that it is important to contact an attorney early on in Manchester car accident cases. This is because the earlier that a claimant contacts a lawyer, the sooner they can begin their investigation. Witnesses to the collision may have an easier time remembering important details and any relevant video footage has not yet been deleted.

Additionally, when an injured party reaches out to a lawyer early on, they can take on

some of the responsibilities that the injured claimant may be dealing with following an accident. For instance, the hospital may want to know if the injured person has a lawyer or if they are bringing a claim. Or, insurance companies may start contacting a claimant to get their statement. An experienced attorney could handle the insurance company and questions from the hospital so that an injured party can focus on their recovery. Most importantly, a lawyer could protect a claimant’s rights.

Looking for an Attorney

When someone is involved in a car wreck, and they are looking for legal representation, they should verify that the attorney’s practice area is exclusively personal injury. Then, the injured claimant should research the attorney’s standing in the legal community and read their client reviews. Additionally, a review of the lawyer’s website may be beneficial if it is informative and answers questions.

One of the most important topics that a potential claimant should discuss with their lawyer is whether they are working under a statutory or waiver agreement. An individual should understand the difference between the two agreements because it affects the amount of money they may receive.

Speak with an Attorney to Discuss What to Know About Car Wreck Cases in Manchester

When it comes to what to know about Manchester car accident cases, injured parties should reach out to a knowledgeable and well-practiced attorney. They could guide claimants throughout the daunting process so that they can make educated decisions during the life of their case. To get started on your case, call today.


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