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When you get into a taxi or another ridesharing vehicle, you expect that the driver operates their vehicle with care and responsibility. Unfortunately, hired drivers may behave negligently, putting your safety at risk. If you were injured in a wreck involving a hired car service, contact a Manchester uber/taxi accident lawyer to discuss your next steps. A diligent car wreck attorney could review your case and determine if you have a valid claim to hold the negligent driver accountable for your injuries.

Common Carrier Laws

A common carrier is a company that transports people from one place to another such as a train, a bus, a boat, a taxi, or an airplane. Popular ride-sharing companies in Manchester like Uber and Lyft are also forms of common carriers.

Common carriers must use the highest degree of care and diligence when traveling with passengers. Part of this duty is to warn passengers about any dangerous conditions that may exist. For instance, a pilot must warn their passengers about any turbulence so they can prepare by fastening their seatbelt. Another example may be when a captain of a ship must advise their passengers when encountering rough waters.

Collisions Involving Common Carriers

The law holds Uber and taxi drivers to the same road safety standards as every other licensed driver in the state. They have to follow the rules of the road, but the state requires these drivers to have supplemental insurance if someone gets hurt during a trip.

If someone is involved in an accident with a common carrier, the party who caused the accident may be responsible for paying damages. The negligent party may be a third-party driver, the Uber driver, or Uber itself. When a person is involved in an accident with a hired driver, they should alert the authorities that their accident occurred during an Uber or taxi trip so that this fact is noted in the police report.

The injured party also may file their claim with Uber immediately following their accident. An uber/taxi accident attorney in Manchester could help an accident victim navigate through the legal nuances that come with cases such as these.

Recovering Damages Following an Uber/Taxi Wreck

To file a claim against an Uber or taxi driver and recover damages, an accident victim may first need to put the driver and the ridesharing company on notice of a claim. A court may only award an injured plaintiff punitive damages if the at-fault party’s behavior was particularly egregious.

For instance, if the Uber driver was drunk or speaking on a cellphone at the time of the accident, then, an accident victim may receive punitive damages, as known as double or treble damages. A skilled Manchester uber/taxi auto wreck attorney could asses an injured party’s case and determine if they may be entitled to punitive damages in their case.

Role of an Attorney

If someone is involved in an accident with an Uber or another common carrier, they should seek the services of an experienced attorney. A legal professional could review a case and determine if Uber and its driver were complying with all state laws.

An attorney may be more equipped to acquire valuable information that may determine if the ridesharing company or the driver was acting negligently at the time of the accident. Uber is required, under state law, to do a background investigation on its drivers and to make sure that their vehicles are in good working order. State law also limits drivers to transport no more than eight people in one trip.

Contact a Manchester Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

If you were injured during a trip with a common carrier vehicle, you should speak with a Manchester uber/taxi accident lawyer for help pursuing compensation. The legal process can be overwhelming without help from a skilled legal professional, and they could maximize your chances at a higher compensatory package. To get started on your case, schedule a free initial consultation today.


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