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As defined by law, the Manchester car accident statute of limitations is the latest date that an injured claimant could bring a case. It usually runs from the date of the injury. Most car accident claims are found in negligence, which means failure to abide by a duty that was owed. In a negligence claim, the statutory deadline is two years from the date of the injury.

However, it is important to note that there are different statutes of limitations for various kinds of cases in Manchester. For instance, if an injured party has an underinsured or uninsured motorist claim, the statute of limitations for this case allows the plaintiff to bring their lawsuit three years from the date of the incident. An experienced attorney could work to ensure that you meet all of the legal deadlines for your case.

Resources to Find Statutory Deadlines

Before speaking to an attorney, a claimant could find out about the Manchester statute of limitations online from resources such as Find Law that summarize them. They also could read the Connecticut General Statute, which is available on the Connecticut General Assembly website. However, there are many exceptions to these limitations, so it is still imperative to consult with a lawyer.

Trials that Go Beyond the Statute of Limitations

Often trials go well beyond the statute of limitations. If the trial goes beyond the statutory deadline, the claimant is not at risk of losing their opportunity to recover. In fact, if a case surpasses the statute of limitations, this could have a positive impact on the damages that the injured party may receive. An attorney may argue if there has been a significant delay in a straightforward case, the court should increase the claimant’s damages because the defendant has dragged the case out.

Overall, these statutory deadlines only apply to the plaintiff putting the defendant on notice of the case. This means that the opposing party has to be served with the complaint before the deadline expires.

Role of an Attorney

Many attorneys recommend that someone retain the services of skilled legal counsel when dealing with the statute of limitations after a car wreck in Manchester because the consequences for not meeting them could result in court dismissing a case. Therefore, an injured party must have somebody advocating for them and working to meet these deadlines, so the claimant still has the opportunity to collect compensation for their damages.

An injured claimant should contact an attorney as soon as possible after seeking medical attention. Once an individual has ensured they are not in any immediate danger from their injuries, they should make a call to an attorney.

Retain an Attorney to Learn More About the Manchester Statute of Limitations for Car Wreck Cases

Manchester car accident statute of limitations can be difficult to navigate without a knowledgeable legal professional. If a claimant misses this deadline, they could risk their opportunity to claim compensation. Fortunately, a well-practiced attorney could use their skills to ensure that you meet all statutory deadlines and file your claim on time. Call today to schedule your initial case consultation.


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