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When calculating a Manchester car accident settlement, several factors are taken into account. The severity and permanence of an injured party’s damages can be a primary factor that impacts the amount of a settlement offer. While the claimant has the full discretion to either accept or reject an offer, they should consult with a skilled attorney before making their decision.

Parties That May Impact a Settlement Amount

Ultimately, the size of a settlement is determined by how much the insurance company is willing to pay and what a judge or jury may award an injured party if the case were to go to trial. However, the claimant’s attorney could impact the process because they may have a better idea of what the case is worth. Therefore, an experienced lawyer may work with an insurance company adjuster to calculate a settlement offer following a Manchester car accident.

It is important to note that if the injured party is more than 51 percent at fault, they cannot receive any settlement or compensatory award. However, if their percentage of fault is less than this value, an insurance company may reduce their offer according to their portion of the liability.

How Could an Attorney Determine the Value of a Settlement?

To determine how much a case is worth, a seasoned attorney must compare the claimant’s losses to those of a similar case and identify how much insurance coverage is available. To further evaluate a claim, an attorney could investigate the cause of the accident and any relevant evidence.

A Manchester attorney may be able to calculate the value of a car accident settlement following an initial consultation. When an injured claimant is meeting with an attorney for the first time, they should take any information that they have regarding the accident. Somebody who has been injured should be advised properly of the totality of the circumstances and the likelihood of possible outcomes.

The more information they can provide to the attorney, the easier it is for them to get started. In situations where a claimant has no information, a lawyer may:

  • Review the police report
  • Find out who the officer on the scene was
  • Find out relevant information regarding the cause and circumstances surrounding the accident

Reach Out to a Manchester Attorney for Help Calculating a Car Accident Settlement

Once all parties settle a claim, an injured party cannot come back to revisit the case or settlement. As a result, if you are settling a car wreck claim you should speak with a lawyer to ensure that you are getting a reasonable offer. After litigating many other similar cases, an attorney has the experience to ascertain how much a case is worth once they review the facts of your case. A legal professional could also protect you from accepting a lower settlement offer that an insurance company may have offered. To learn more about calculating a Manchester car accident settlement, schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys.


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