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Settlement negotiations following a car wreck should only occur once a claimant completes their treatment and understands the full extent of their losses. When preparing a settlement offer, an injured party should know the amount of insurance that is available in their claim and collect all necessary medical bills and expenses.

Additionally, when preparing to enter settlement negotiations, a claimant must ensure that all of their losses are documented, especially if they must prove their past and future lost wages. When preparing Manchester car accident settlements experienced attorney could evaluate your losses and use verdicts from other cases to determine an amount that allows you to receive fair compensation.

When Should a Claimant Settle Rather Than Go to Trial?

The injured claimant has the full discretion to decide on a settlement offer. When reviewing a settlement offer following a Manchester car accident, a claimant must decide if the amount in the agreement is fair reimbursement for their damages. Fortunately, a knowledgeable attorney could assist in this decision making process.

When determining if a claimant should settle, an attorney may consider the:

  • Fairness of an agreement as it relates to other similar cases
  • Risks of going to trial
  • Costs the claimant owes to the defendant
  • The likelihood of succeeding at trial and receiving a better offer

When someone settles, they know for certain what the result is going to be because they have resolved it for a certain amount. When they go to trial, there is a risk. An injured party could get more or less. There are also risks after a trial is complete. For instance, the opposing party could appeal if the plaintiff obtains a high compensatory award. This delays the plaintiff receiving their compensation and may lead to more court costs. These factors must also be considered when determining when to settle. An injured claimant may refuse to take a settlement agreement if the insurance company does not offer a reasonable amount that accounts for the worth of the case.

Settlement Process

The Manchester settlement process after a car accident generally involves discussions between an attorney and an insurance adjuster or a defense lawyer. They may negotiate in the hopes of reaching a reasonable number to resolve the case. If they can resolve the case, all parties must sign a release. Once all parties sign this release, the court withdraws the case, and within 30 days the insurance company must issue the plaintiff’s payment. If they do not issue a check within this timeframe, a court may assess interest.


Some settlements happen efficiently and on time. However, if the driver or one of their passengers were seriously injured, it may take much longer to understand the full extent of their injures. Overall, the timeframe of Manchester settlements for car accident cases may depend on:

  • The severity of the claimant’s injuries and losses
  • The complexity of the case
  • The amount of insurance coverage
  • The length of treatment
  • The claimant’s livelihood following the accident
  • The clarity of the relationship of the treatment to the plaintiff’s injuries

An insurance company may work to slow down the settlement process. An insurance provider may stall payments and demand extreme amounts of documents to back up the claims. A lawyer could work to ensure that the settlement process moves as efficiently as possible.

To ensure that the settlement process moves effectively, an injured person should ensure that the insurance company has the correct. They should also sign their release quickly and ensure that it goes to the right person.

Speak with an Attorney to Discuss Manchester Car Accident Settlements

If you need help understanding Manchester car accident settlements, contact an attorney. They could become your legal advocate and work to ensure that you obtain a fair settlement offer. To get started, schedule a consultation today.


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