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A rental car is a vehicle owned by a business that somebody can acquire the right to use on a contractual basis temporarily. Rental cars can be extremely useful for business trips as well as vacations. However, if you get into a wreck while driving one, it could lead to a legal disaster if you try to file a claim without a skilled car wreck attorney. A Manchester rental car accident lawyer could review your case and determine if you have a viable claim to bring against the negligent party.

What Are the Different Types of Rental Cars?

If a rental car company owns a vehicle, an injured plaintiff may not be able to sue the rental car company under federal law. This is because there could be no vicarious liability or owner liability on the rental car company. The length of time someone rented their vehicle also may impact a rental car wreck case.

A short-term rental is when someone rents a vehicle to drive while they are in town on business or vacation for a few days. Long-term rentals occur more infrequently and tend to be in the form of leases. An experienced rental car accident lawyer in Manchester could review an injured party’s case and determine how the type and length of their rental may affect their case.

Common Injuries in Rental Car Wrecks

Some common injuries in rental car accidents range from whiplash, muscle strains and sprains to broken bones, injuries to the hip and knee, and long-term catastrophic injuries. The type of injuries an accident victim sustains depends on the severity of the collision. A Manchester rental car wreck attorney could assess a plaintiff’s injuries and determine how much compensation they may be entitled to based on the severity of their injuries.

Insurance Coverage for Rented Vehicle Accidents

Insurance coverage does not legally differ between a rental car accident and an owned car accident. The driver’s insurance is primary on the rental vehicle, so it would be no different than if the driver was operating their personal vehicle.

However, if someone purchased supplemental insurance through the rental car company, this could provide additional liability coverage. If someone’s credit card company provides liability coverage while the holder is operating a rental car, this also may provide extra insurance.

How Unfamiliarity with a Vehicle May Increase the Chances of an Accident

Unfamiliarity with a vehicle may increase the chance of a car wreck. Generally speaking, when people are driving rental cars, they are driving a car that they are not accustomed to, which may lead to more accidents in rental cars.

For instance, a driver may become distracted while looking for the correct switches to use their lights or windshield wipers and then get into an accident. A driver may also be unaccustomed to driving a car that is a certain size. If someone is familiar with driving a compact car, and suddenly they are in an SUV, they may get into a wreck because they lack experience in operating a larger vehicle.

Contact a Manchester Rental Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured after getting into an accident involving a rental vehicle, you should contact a Manchester rental car accident lawyer for help on your case. A legal professional could review your case and evaluate the best course of legal action to take based on your circumstances. To schedule your case consultation, call today.


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