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The aftermath of a serious car crash can be extremely daunting and confusing. Any missteps could jeopardize your claim and impact your potential damages. Therefore, if you were injured in a motor vehicle wreck, you should seek the services of an experienced attorney. They could guide you through the mistakes to avoid after a Manchester car accident in addition to becoming your legal advocate throughout the claims process.

Admitting Fault

Admitting fault at the scene of a car accident in Manchester is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid because it could hurt a party’s case. Sometimes when people involved in a car wreck do this because they may be shaken up and are not thinking clearly. Therefore, an individual should not make any statements that could potentially be held against them until they have had some time to think.

Additionally, there may be other factors that could have come into play regarding the cause of their accident that they are not aware of. Someone quick to take the blame immediately after a motor vehicle collision is going to have a hard time coming back from any statements admitting fault.

It is helpful to speak with the police officers and with the other drivers to obtain as much information as possible, but it is not advisable to admit fault without having all that information. Once someone admits to being at fault, the insurance company may try to use that statement against them to bar or reduce their recovery. The police officer also may record their statement and put in the report. Then, an insurance company or prosecutor has an official police document attributing fault.


Another major error that some Manchester claimants make is apologizing after a car wreck. The risk of trying to be polite by apologizing is that it may imply that the individual was at fault. While someone’s first reaction when they hit another person’s car may be to apologize, they should be careful not to say “I’m sorry” because this could be presumed to mean that this person is responsible.

Refusing to Seek Medical Attention

Refusing immediate medical treatment is a mistake because it may imply that an injured party did not get hurt, and the insurance company tries to use this against them. Additionally, if there is a significant delay between the accident and treatment, the defendant and the insurance company may try to argue that the injured party went to the hospital unnecessarily in an attempt to increase the value of their claim.

This becomes an issue especially when a person does not feel any pain at the scene. Sometimes it takes a significant amount of time for a person to feel their injuries following an accident because of their levels of adrenaline. Therefore, whenever possible, an injured party should get checked out immediately to ensure that they do not have any undetected injuries. Even low-speed impact cases could cause significant injuries, depending on the situation.

Failing to Follow Up on Treatment

The opposing party may allege that a plaintiff who fails to follow-up with medical treatment does not have severe injuries that require compensation. If a plaintiff’s medical records show that they are not taking their treatment seriously, it is difficult for an insurance company to take their injuries as such.

A treatment gap is another way that a defendant may be able to infer that a claimant is not injured as they are claiming. If someone is going long periods of time without following up, it could be difficult to argue that this person has experienced pain during these gaps in treatment. Treatment gaps suggest that the claimant’s pain dissipated for a short time.

Even if a plaintiff has trouble finding time to see their physician, it is still important to follow up. If an injured party cannot see a doctor during working hours, they should look for a provider that might be able to see them in non-traditional hours, either on the weekend or after hours, so they can ensure that they are receiving care on a schedule that works for them.

Speak with an Attorney to Avoid Making Mistakes After a Car Accident in Manchester

There are many mistakes to avoid after a Manchester car accident. A knowledgeable lawyer could explain how to prevent these errors in judgment that could negatively impact your claim. To learn more, call today.


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