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The most common major roadway in Manchester is Interstate 84. There are several lanes of vehicles traveling at high speeds on this road, which can cause many dangerous accidents to occur. Car crashes that happen on major highways can cause some of the most serious types of injuries, and in the most severe cases, death.

If you have been injured in an auto wreck on a major highway, contact a skilled car collision attorney to help you pursue compensation. A Manchester interstate accident lawyer could use their legal acumen to advise you on your case and to achieve your desired outcome.

Unique Circumstances in a Highway Collision Cases

One of the major differences between an accident that occurs on an interstate road and one that happens on an average road is that an accident on I-84 may be investigated by the Connecticut State Police as opposed to local Manchester authorities. The state police may bring larger vehicles, such as fire trucks, to block traffic, protect the scene, and prevent another collision. This kind of response may not happen following a normal car wreck.

Accidents on I-84 tend to occur at high rates of speed, and the actions that lead up to these collisions may be different than ones that lead to side road accidents. On side roads, drivers may run lights or strike a pedestrian, which are less likely to occur on interstate roads. Additionally, more accidents on the highway involve trucks because I-84 is a major thoroughfare road for truck drivers.

What to Do After an Auto Collision on the Interstate

Some of the first steps that an accident victim may take following an accident may include:

  • Ensuring they are physically safe
  • Getting to the side of the road
  • Calling the police
  • Asking for medical assistance if they are hurt
  • Speaking with an attorney

When someone initially gets into a car crash, they may have significant adrenaline, which can lead to a delayed feeling of pain. If their pain worsens, they should seek medical attention to ensure that they are not at risk of serious injuries.

Additionally, a plaintiff should avoid speaking with any insurance company adjuster without consulting with a legal professional first. An accident victim should speak with an interstate accident attorney in Manchester to understand their rights and to deal with insurance companies.

How Speed May Impact an Interstate Vehicle Collision

In a high-speed vehicle accident, more force is exerted because the cars involved in the accident were traveling at faster speeds. When a vehicle is going at a higher rate of speed, the impact from the vehicle transfers onto the passengers, causing significant injuries.

When someone is involved in a vehicle accident, they want to try to get to safety because it is dangerous to stand on the side of the highway. If an accident victim can do so, they should make sure that their emergency blinkers are on, pull off to the shoulder of a road, and stay in their vehicle to avoid getting hit on the side of the highway. A Manchester interstate car wreck attorney could review someone’s case to determine how the speed at which both cars were traveling may have resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries and how the negligent party should compensate them.

Contact a Manchester Interstate Accident Attorney

If you sustained serious injuries after a motor vehicle collision on the highway, you should speak with a Manchester interstate accident lawyer immediately. These accidents can cause serious bodily injury, and you deserve compensation if these injuries were a result of another driver’s negligence. To schedule an initial case consultation, contact an attorney today.


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