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Insurance companies typically contact people who have been injured in car accidents by phone. Insurance adjusters receive a claimant’s contact information from their insured driver after both parties exchange information following an accident. Once one driver calls and makes notice of claim to their insurance company, they have the other party’s contact information, and the calls begin.

Handling insurance companies after a Manchester car accident can be difficult without a skilled attorney by your side. They may try to use manipulative tactics to get you to accept an offer that is lower than to what you may be entitled. A well-versed attorney could protect you and your compensatory award from insurance companies.

The Dangers of Recorded Statements

There is danger in an injured party giving recorded statements to other drivers’ insurance companies before consulting an attorney because these recordings could be later used against them if they decide to bring a lawsuit. Insurance adjusters are skilled in making injured parties feel disarmed and like they are trying to help them.

Sometimes, someone could be led down a path of saying things that they do not mean or believe because these insurance adjusters are so friendly. In some situations, an injured party lets their guard down and may say something to be cooperative because they think that the insurance company is going to do them a favor. However, these are just manipulation tactics to get the injured party to say something that could put the validity of their claim into question.

The other issue is that these adjusters call soon after the accident. The closer to the accident that a company calls, the more likely that somebody may feel that they have to settle a case. At this point, a claimant may not know the full extent of their injuries, and therefore, an injured party may settle for a lower amount than they should. After a car accident, an injured party should avoid dealing with insurance companies until they have spoken with a Manchester attorney and are fully aware of all the claims that they are entitled to bring.

What to Do If an Insurance Company Offers a Check

In Manchester, there are some common scenarios in which another driver’s insurance company may offer a check following a car wreck. However, it could be a mistake to cash this check. If an insurance adjuster feels like they could get an injured claimant to agree to an amount, they offer before the claimant has the chance to fully estimate the value of all of their losses.

Once a claimant cashes a check they receive from an insurance company, this means that they have accepted a settlement offer, and they must forego all future claims. Simply put, if an injured party accepts money, they are no longer can sue for personal injuries.

Contact an Attorney for Help Dealing with Insurance Companies Following a Manchester Car Accident

It is a mistake to not contact an attorney immediately after a car wreck because you may not be aware of all of your rights or what you may be entitled to with respect to damages.

As time goes on, the calls from the insurance company are only going to increase in hopes of getting you to give them an amount in damages that you are willing to accept. Therefore, when handling insurance companies after a Manchester car accident, it is important to have a lawyer by your side. For help on your claim, call today.


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