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An expert witness is someone with sufficient knowledge and experience related to the area they are testifying about. For a witness to be considered an expert they must demonstrate that they have been educated in the area that they have experience in and they are speaking to. They must be familiar with the facts of the particular case at a sufficient level to speak about them with authority.

How someone becomes an expert witness and the minimum requirements for experience depends on the subject matter, the individual’s background, and how specialized the area is. For instance, some individuals with medical degrees could be considered experts after only a few years because they have experience with the scenario in question multiple times.

Whether or not someone is allowed to be an expert witness is usually established before trial. Initially, the plaintiff files a disclosure of their intended expert. If there is any objection from the defendant, there could be some motions back and forth about their qualifications of being identified as an expert. Then, the court determines whether or not this individual is allowed to testify as an expert. A seasoned attorney could explain how to use expert witnesses in Manchester car accident cases.

Types of Expert Witnesses

The types of expert witnesses that Manchester attorneys may use in a car accident case depend on the claimant’s injuries. For instance, if a plaintiff has back or neck injuries, an attorney may call on a chiropractor to testify as an expert witness. Other physicians who could speak to permanent impairment may also give testimony.

A legal professional may utilize an economist as an expert in wage claims. If there is a claim for lost wages and reduced future earnings, economic experts may talk about how much money the plaintiff may lose based on their injuries and their projected future earnings.

Can an Expert Witness Have a Relationship with the Plaintiff?

Generally, the expert witness is not allowed to have an existing relationship with the plaintiff.  This witness should be impartial and looking at the case from an objective expert point of view. They could be familiar with the plaintiff and may have examined them in a professional capacity, but usually, this type of witness may not be someone who is a friend or colleague of the claimant.

How an Attorney May Use an Expert Witness

An attorney may suggest using an expert witness during the trial by having them testify. Ideally, this witness is someone who has treated the plaintiff in the past or conducted some form of a medical examination.

This expert may speak to the treatment the plaintiff received or what they observed during their medical examination. During their testimony, an attorney may ask them about the claimant’s future injuries, their prospects for recovery, and any permanent impairment.

An attorney should use expert witnesses in Manchester car wreck cases strategically. They must ensure that they have the appropriate expert who is intimately familiar with the types of injuries in the case, can testify well, and comes across personable to the jury.

A legal professional may not seek an expert if the facts and injuries in a case are straightforward. Juries are allowed to infer permanent injury from the facts, and in some cases, they do not necessarily need an expert to explain the evidence. A claimant also may save money by excluding expert testimony as these fees may be significant.

How Much Weight is Expert Testimony Given?

The amount of weight a jury may give expert witness testimony in a Manchester car accident case varies. Health care providers may be well-received because they guide the jury through the medical evidence and clearly explain how the claimant’s life may change due to their injuries. However, how well an expert witness is received ultimately depends on who the jurors are and what their respective backgrounds look like.

Benefits of an Expert Witness

One of the benefits of having an expert witness testify during a trial is to add credibility to the plaintiff’s claims. For instance, if a plaintiff is claiming that they suffered significant injuries, it may be helpful to have a medical professional confirm this statement. Experts also help the jury understand the evidence. An expert may go through a claimant’s medical records with the jury and explain the evidence so that they have a full understanding of it.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Expert Witnesses in Manchester Car Accident Cases

Expert witnesses can strengthen the argument in a claim for damages. However, you may be unsure about how to use these testimonies to help your case. Fortunately, an experienced attorney understands how to use expert witnesses in Manchester car accident cases and could help you build your claim using one. To learn how legal counsel could help you, call today.


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