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Motor vehicle accidents may occur in many different ways. They may happen because of someone’s reckless behavior or a moment of inattention. Regardless of the cause, however, any wreck could lead to significant damages. An experienced lawyer could explain the common causes of Manchester car accidents and how they relate to your case.

Heavy Motorist and Foot Traffic

One of the common causes of car wrecks in Manchester is the presence of many high traffic areas. Because Manchester is a high-traffic commercial area, there are many multilane roads going in either direction as well shopping centers with busy intersections. These lead to motorists in this area being more vulnerable to getting into an accident.

Additionally, it is easier for motorists and pedestrians to get distracted, which could result in a collision. Some of the areas that have heavy foot traffic include the Evergreen Mall shopping center and the Buckland Hills Mall. Drivers should be additionally cautious in these areas.

Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, some motor vehicle crashes occur because a motorist decides to drive while intoxicated. Because of the degree of severity that these accidents can have, there are frequently punitive damages available. These are designed to punish the defendant for the wrongful conduct.

There may be different evidentiary information that could be available in these cases, such as police reports and intoxication test results. A skilled attorney could help an injured claimant collect this information.

Accidents Caused by Speeding

Speeding can frequently cause severe car wrecks in Manchester, depending on how fast the defendant was going at the time of the accident. In these cases, if the defendant was cited for speeding or given a ticket, the plaintiff could include this information in the complaint as a suggestion of wrongful behavior. Depending on how fast the opposing party with driving, reckless counts also could be added to the complaint and these may result punitive or treble damages available to the plaintiff.

Wrecks Resulting from Traffic Violations

If a defendant runs a red light or a stop sign, this case would be based on negligence. An attorney may use a police report to establish liability, depending on its contents. Additionally, a claimant could file a case for negligent and reckless misconduct if the defendant did not slow down or make any attempts to stop versus rolling through an intersection.

An injured party in Manchester could also bring a claim such as this one if their car accident was caused by a motorist who drove their car in the wrong direction. If the defendant was getting on the highway going the wrong way, this is a clear violation of traffic rules, and the plaintiff may be able to bring a claim for reckless conduct. Gross negligence and punitive damages may be available, depending on the circumstances.

How Can Driving at Night Cause an Accident?

Car crashes may occur due to poor visibility and lighting. A court may consider whether there was street lighting available, and if the defendant driver had their headlights on at the time of the accident when determining liability. Therefore, these cases may become more complicated if the car wreck occurred in a dark area.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss the Common Causes of Car Wrecks in Manchester

The common causes of Manchester car accidents can result in severe losses and injuries. Depending on how the accident occurred, the case may need to be handled differently. Therefore, if you have been in a motor vehicle collision, it is importation to speak with an attorney who could guide you through legal challenges that may occur in your case. For more information about how a lawyer could help, call today.


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