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Bus accidents can be catastrophic, headline-making events. If you or someone you love has been injured in a bus wreck, you could be facing a long road of physical recovery, medical bills, and lost wages. A Manchester bus accident lawyer could help you recover financial compensation if your injuries were the result of another party’s negligence.

In some bus accidents, it can be difficult to determine exactly who caused the accident. In others, multiple parties may hold some responsibility. An experienced personal injury attorney could fully investigate the cause of your accident and help you obtain compensation for your injuries. En Español.

Types of Negligence

In a Manchester bus wreck case, the accident victim has the burden of proving fault. A variety of persons or entities may be responsible for a bus accident, including both bus companies, drivers, and manufacturers. Bus company negligence can include any of the following:

  • Failing to maintain bus equipment properly
  • Failing to take sufficient safety precautions
  • Scheduling in a manner that leads to driver fatigue

In addition to bus company negligence, negligence on the part of a bus driver could also lead to a serious bus collision. Examples of driver negligence can include:

  • Speeding or otherwise operating the bus in a reckless or careless manner
  • Violating traffic laws and rules of the road (e.g., disregarding a stop sign or a traffic signal)
  • Operating the bus while illegally under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Even in cases where the bus accident occurs because of a driver’s negligence, the accident victim may still be able to file a claim or a lawsuit against the bus company. A bus crash lawyer in Manchester could thoroughly investigate the circumstances behind an accident and, if necessary, hire an investigator to determine who was at fault.

Proving Negligence in a Bus Collision Case

To show that the bus driver, bus company, or some other entity or individual caused a bus accident, the accident victim must demonstrate a violation of the duty of care. In some instances, that violation may involve a bus driver’s failure to operate the bus safely and carefully. At other times, it may mean that the bus company failed to have the proper safety precautions in place at the time the accident occurred.

In addition to showing fault, the complainant in a bus crash claim must demonstrate that they suffered injuries and damages as a result of the accident. Injuries may include soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and head injuries.

The complainant must also prove that they are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering which they endured because of the collision. A Manchester bus collision attorney could help accident victims prove that they are entitled to damages—including the amount to which they are entitled.

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Bus accidents can be traumatic experiences. If you or someone you care about sustained injuries in a recent bus crash, you could deserve compensation for another parties’ negligence. Consult a Manchester bus accident lawyer and defend your right to recover monetary damages.


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