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Bicycles are different from other vehicles in many obvious ways, such as being smaller and less durable in the event of a crash. This leads to a number of unique aspects of Manchester bicycle accidents that can affect how a lawsuit plays out. If you have been injured, it is wise to speak with a seasoned bicycle accident attorney who knows how to navigate these claims.

Comparing Bicycles and Motorcycles

Manchester traffic laws apply to bicycles in several ways. First of all, bicyclists have to follow all the rules of the road like motorcyclists, which means they have to stop at stop signs and stoplights, not make inappropriate turns, and stay in their lane on the shoulder of the road. They are treated the same as motor vehicles on the road.

In Manchester, some of the unique bicycle laws to prevent accidents are that cars have to give a three-foot passage when they are passing a bicycle, cyclists should ride single-file on the shoulder of the road, and there may be helmet requirements for riders of certain ages. However, bicyclists must ride on the shoulder of the road while motorcyclists must ride in a proper lane. As they are riding motorized vehicles, motorcyclists can be ticketed for speeding, while bicyclists cannot.

How Does Insurance Apply to Bicycles?

There are no insurance requirements regarding bicycles in Manchester. However, their motor vehicle policy would apply while they are operating a bicycle for purposes of underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage.

Oftentimes, insurance is based upon miles driven per year and a person’s work commute, so using a bicycle effectively as transportation might lower a person’s premiums. On their insurance renewal applications, they may have to disclose this so the carrier can properly adjust for risks.

What Makes Bike Accidents Dangerous?

When an individual is on a bicycle, there are two factors that make the situation potentially dangerous. One is if they are not properly illuminated and they do not have reflective gear on, then they could be hard to see. Second is that if they are hit, there is no protection. If they are in a motor vehicle and are rear-ended, then there are airbags, seatbelts, and other safety equipment to protect them. This lack of protection is one of the unique and dangerous aspects of local bike accidents.

Common bicycle accidents involve a cyclist being rear-ended by motor vehicles that are not paying attention, often due to the driver being on their phone and drifting out of the lane. It is also common to see cars making right-turns into a bicycle that had the right-of-way.

Riders frequently sustain fractures, broken bones, and injuries to wrists and hands if they reach out to break their fall. More seriously, concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries or even spinal cord damage can result, which might have major lifestyle implications.

How Lawyers Handle Bike Crashes

A lawyer could help somebody get better by taking the initiative on all the things that need to be handled like medical bills, talking with the insurance company, protecting their claim, filing the right notices, and helping them get treatment by working with providers in the event that they have high deductibles or are otherwise unable to access coverage.

An attorney typically deals with a bicycle accident case similarly to a motorcycle accident case in the sense that the risks are the same, but they will look at different aspects of the incident. An example is whether the motor vehicle was giving a three-foot safe passage at the time of the accident.

The difference between motorcycle and bicycle accidents can alter the defense of a claim because motorcyclists do not have the ability to ride on the shoulder and get frequent passage, so this changes what the defense will investigate.

Consult with an Attorney About the Unique Aspects of Manchester Bicycle Accidents

If you were harmed while riding your bike, you deserve to have someone on your side who is experienced in handling cases like yours. Find a lawyer who understands the unique aspects of Manchester bicycle accidents and could help you recover compensation. Call now to discuss your case.


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