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When you think of traffic laws, you probably think of rules that automobile drivers need to follow. However, there are also specific traffic laws for bicyclists in Manchester. If you are new cycling, you may want to consult with an experienced bicycle accident attorney to learn how you – and others – should operate on the road.

Laws for Bicycling in Manchester

Bicyclists have to obey all road safety rules, which means they have to stop at stop signs and stoplights, and they have to yield for pedestrians the same way that motor vehicles do. They must signal their turns and operate appropriately in their lane, which is on the shoulder of the road. The biggest difference between bicycle riders and automobile operators regarding traffic laws is that cyclists must ride on the shoulder of the road, which a car cannot do.

These traffic laws were put in place in Manchester to protect everyone who uses public routes. Everybody on the road has an expectation that all drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists will follows the laws in order to reduce the risk of an accident. If a bicyclist was not following the laws, then they can be found to be contributorily negligent for an accident and have their compensation reduced or blocked altogether.

Where Are Bicyclists Allowed to Ride?

Cyclists are not usually permitted to bike on pedestrian walkways, including sidewalks, unless they are specially noted. Pedestrians generally have the right-of-way as opposed to bicycles.

Although there is a bike path along Route I-384, specialized bike lanes are not common in Manchester. Where lanes exist, there are often lane markings indicating where cyclists should ride. Manchester bicycle traffic laws do not exist only to prevent crashes with cars and trucks; riders have a duty to engage in the safe passage of pedestrians and avoid collisions with other cyclists.

The Safety of Cycling on Roads

Biking on the road is dangerous and leads to an increase in car accidents. This is especially true if drivers are on their cell phones or have been drinking and do not notice the smaller frame of a bicyclist in front of them. The current roads in and around Manchester were not built for bicycling, so any time a rider has to share the road with a car it increases the odds of a crash. Drivers should give at least three feet of space, if not more, to those who are cycling on the shoulder of the road.

Some people wish to cycle in to work, especially around the Buckland Mall, but this is extra dangerous because there tends to be heavy traffic in commercial areas. Given the various stores and entertainment venues nearby, many drivers are distracted when in the vicinity of the mall.

How Often Do Bicycle Laws Get Updated?

The Connecticut legislature updates laws every single year. Anybody who is interested in updates on local bicycle traffic laws can check the General Assembly’s website. While new laws regarding bicycling is rare, they sometimes tweak laws specifically on the usage of helmets or if there has been a major accident that causes them to take action.

In addition to following the government’s website, cyclists can call a lawyer to learn more about the latest in bicycle or personal injury law. Some attorneys give webinars or seminars specifically on biking laws or bike safety laws.

Bicyclists in Manchester Should Talk to an Attorney About Traffic Laws

Bicyclists are given certain considerations on the road but that does not make them any less vulnerable. If you were injured in an accident, a lawyer could tell you how the traffic laws for bicyclists in Manchester impacts your case. For more information on the rules of the road, call now.


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