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If you plan on riding a bicycle out near road traffic in Connecticut, it is in your best interest to take all possible precautions. There are many safety measures for bicyclists in Manchester to take note of, beyond the usual protective gear. You could get more safety tips from a practiced bicycle accident attorney.

Precautions That Cyclists and Drivers Should Take

The biggest precaution people can take to prevent bicycle accidents is to be aware of their circumstances, make sure that their bike is in good working order, ride on the shoulder of the road, and to make themselves visible to traffic by using reflective clothing and gear.

There is a growing acceptance of cyclists in Manchester, particularly for environmental reasons. However, some people still take the attitude that cars rule the road and do not believe that they have to share the road with cyclists. The biggest thing that drivers can do to help prevent bicycle accidents is to put their cell phones down, keep their eyes on the road, operate their vehicle at reasonable speed, and give cyclists safe passages. Cars should give them at least three feet when they are passing.

Where Should a Cyclist be Positioned on the Road?

Cyclists should operate in a bike lane or on the shoulder of the road, unless they are going to be making a left-hand turn, which they should do within the lane, and only when it is safe to do so. They should also avoid riding on highways and interstates. Proper riding placement is one of the biggest safety measures that a local bicyclist can take.

Ways to Keep Safe

A bicyclist should know that their bike is in good working order and how to fix it in the event something breaks. They should make sure that they have the proper tools to be able to fix it while out on a journey if they need to. If they have lights on the bike, they should ensure the lights are bright enough.

If an accident happens, the bicyclist needs to keep safe, which means they need to get out of the way of moving traffic and call for medical assistance. If they are in a position to do so, they should call for a lawyer so that they understand what they should or should not say.

Helmets and Hand Signals

In Manchester, bicyclists do not have to wear a helmet if they are over the age of 18. By law, helmet use cannot impact a bicycle accident case, since Connecticut has a statue which says that not wearing a bicycle helmet cannot be considered contributory negligence. However, juries sometimes ignore that law and they might have to assign fault. Therefore, it can still be a factor that needs to properly be assessed by an attorney. Thus, helmets are more than just a safety measure for Manchester bicyclists.

What Information Should Riders Keep on Them?

Bicyclists should always have medical information on them. A lot of modern phones have a medical information tab but someone who is allergic to certain common medications should wear a bracelet indicating as such. All of those can be lifesaving pieces of knowledge for first responders. Keeping a driver’s license and emergency contact in a pocket will also allow the authorities to easily contact an injured person’s loved ones.

Some bicycle riders they feel more comfortable wearing cameras since it can become a piece of evidence in a case, and is useful in proving liability.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Bikes That Impact Safety?

Some common misconceptions that people have about bicycle safety are that cyclists are able to ride in packs on the road, which is not permitted. They should be riding single-file so traffic can pass them. Some riders might also be under the impression that they do not have to obey things like stoplights and stop signs. That is not the case and could cause chaos with motor vehicles if ignored.

Keep Abreast of Bicycle Safety Measures in Manchester

Staying safe while riding your bike is not only good for your physical protection but it could also help you out in the event that an accident occurs. If you were following the rules and were shown to be making good decisions, that increases the odds that you will not be held liable. Call a lawyer for more about safety measures for bicyclists in Manchester.


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