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Bicycles are a relaxing and recreational way to spend a weekend or travel to work. However, the risks are higher, especially when they are ridden near motor vehicles. Every rider should be aware of the impact of helmets in Manchester bicycle accidents. You should speak with a diligent bicycle accident attorney for more information on how you can protect yourself.

Manchester’s Helmet Laws

Manchester law requires children under the age of 16 to wear a bicycle helmet while operating a bicycle. Adults are not required to wear a helmet on a bicycle but it is in their best interest to do so. There is high potential for a head injury, which could lead to brain damage or potentially be fatal.

Riders should always wear a helmet regardless of the level of traffic. There is not only a danger of other vehicles, but of potholes, malfunctioning bicycles, blown tires, and any number of factors that can cause an individual to lose control.

Ramifications of Not Wearing a Helmet

If a child under age 16 is not wearing a bicycle helmet as required by law, the police may issue a verbal warning to a parent or a guardian that indicates the child failed to comply. The child itself is not ticketed and there is no contributory negligence factored into any lawsuit for not wearing a bicycle helmet.

Wearing a helmet can impact local bicycle accidents in several ways. First, it can prevent skull fractures, lessen the impact of concussions, reduce abrasions, and more. Helmets also commonly contain some reflective element, so it can make the rider more visible to drivers in the dark or in foggy weather.

What Are the Legal Impacts of Not Wearing a Helmet?

Not wearing a helmet can impact a personal injury case because, even though the law does not explicitly require helmets, juries will oftentimes disregard the law and apply their common sense. They may think that this accident could have been prevented, or the injuries could have been reduced, had the rider been wearing protection. This kind of bias can impact a case, so it is preferable for riders to wear a helmet in the event that legal action becomes necessary. The presence of a helmet not only impacts the physical safety of Manchester riders in a bicycle accident but it affects the legal safety as well.

How Can Someone Tell if a Helmet is Defective?

A person can get their helmet checked out by local firehouses or police departments, which will have safety checks. Generally, they want to look for any wear and tear, or find any cracks that put the rider at risk. If it is a foam helmet, they should check whether the foam is disintegrating in any way. If the person falls and the helmet takes the brunt of the impact, the rider is going to want to get a new helmet, to be on the safe side. Helmets are designed to take just one hard impact and should be replaced after that.

Speak to an Attorney About the Impact of Helmets in Manchester Bike Accidents

Helmets not only protect you from physical harm, they could be a key factor in whether you recover financial compensation. Every rider should know about the impact of helmets in Manchester bicycle accidents and how they might benefit. Reach out to a lawyer to learn if you have standing to file a lawsuit.


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