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When a bicycle accident causes injuries severe enough that it requires medical intervention, many people are concerned about how to pay for it. It is common to use health insurance in Manchester bicycle accidents but not everyone has it, or is able to use it the same way. A trustworthy bicycle accident attorney could work with you to determine the best way of using your health insurance after an accident.

Involving Insurance Immediately

The first thing a person should do regarding their health insurance following a bicycle accident is show their health insurance card to the treating physician. This allows the process of properly billing the health insurer to begin as soon as possible. This could happen even in the emergency room or the ambulance.

Health insurance is important to have after a bicycle accident because, in Connecticut, health insurance is the primary method for how someone will initially pay their medical bills.

It is a benefit to work with a personal injury lawyer when dealing with health insurance companies after a local bicycle accident since a lawyer could preserve and investigate the claim. A lawyer is often able to find available insurance policies if they are needed. Many critical decisions are made in the immediate aftermath, so the earlier that someone retains the legal counsel, the better their position is likely to be.

Work Benefits

A person should use their health insurance coverage or their paid sick leave from work to compensate them in the short-term in order to prevent immediate economic losses. In the long-term, that patient is going to lose the ability to use those benefits for that accident or else they will run up a deductible. For this reason, it might be a good idea to file a civil claim against the at-fault party if the damages are large enough.

What if an Injured Person Does Not Have Health Insurance?

If a person does not have health insurance and is injured in an accident, then they are going to have to pay the medical bills out of pocket. Alternatively, they could find a doctor who will treat them on a letter of protection to pay out of any sort of settlement that they eventually receive. Some riders might also have MedPay on their auto insurance policy that would cover some of those bills. A lawyer could help someone find health insurance in Manchester after a bicycle crash if they have no other option.

Will it be Necessary to Reimburse the Health Insurer?

Health insurance companies cannot require that patients reimburse them for paying medical expenses if that person receives a settlement. Connecticut is an anti-subrogation state, which means health insurance policies have no ability to seek reimbursement. However, there is an exception to that rule. Some large employers have plans called self-insured ERISA. Under self-insured ERISA, they would be able to assert a lien for money paid on those claims.

Whether or not a person is at fault for a bicycle accident, it should not impact their insurance rate at all.

Talk with an Attorney About Health Insurance in Manchester Bicycle Accidents

Whether you have health insurance or not, it can be frustrating to sort out the payments involved while you are still healing. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer to ease the burden. A legal advocate could take over the details regarding health insurance in Manchester bicycle accidents.


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